A new bar where you can enjoy whisky with soda has opened inside the ticket gate of Nankai Namba station 3rd floor!
You can enjoy snack foods like fried chicken and sausages as well, at the location where you can hop on to the train.
Breakfast menu and lunch menu is also available in various meals. Please enjoy the time at HIGHBALL’S Namba!!

Open Hours: 7:00-23:00 (L.O. 22:30)
Alcoholic drinks are served from 15:00-

A new website called “NANKAI TRAVEL GUIDE” has opened since 26, March.

This website will show you all the trains information about Nankai Railway, so if you are planning to visit Osaka from Kansai Airport, this website will help you out in many ways!

Please check it out!

Misaki Koen Amusement Park is a place where you can enjoy both amusement park and a zoo. It is located in the southern part of Osaka, and about 30 minutes ride on a train from Kansai Airport.

From late March to the beginning of April, you can enjoy beautiful cherry blossoms blooming in the park!!

Please have a visit if you are using Kansai Airport!!

With the famous towel brand “Nijiyura” in Sakai City, Nankai Electric Railway has made an original towel introducing the famous tourist spots along Nankai Line!!

This towel is sold at Nankai Namba station 1st floor, Tourist Information Center, with only 1,500 JPY!! The towel is limited edition, and only first 500 people can buy this towel.

It sure will be a good souvenir of the journey in Japan.

On February 24, and 25, Japanese sake made along Nankai Railway will be sold at Nankai Namba station 2nd floor!!

Not just sake, an original souvenir of Nankai Railway will be sold at the same place as well. Some sake can be tried for free, so please feel free to drop by the selling booth! If you find your favorite one, why don’t you buy it as your souvenir of Japan?

In February 1, the new dormitory typed hotel called “BON HOSTEL” has opened in Namba area.

It is quite cheap compared to the normal hotels, and has got unique atmosphere since it is constructed under the rail track of the train!!

Why don’t you consider staying at this hotel?

Boat Race Suminoe, located in Osaka city, is a facility where you can enjoy watching a boat race!!

From Namba station to this facility, it is only about 15 minutes train ride with subway Yotsubashi line to Suminoe-Koen station.

This sure is an event which you cannot see very often, so why don’t you visit here if you have time after your sightseeing in Osaka?