Boat Race Suminoe, located in Osaka city, is a facility where you can enjoy watching a boat race!!

From Namba station to this facility, it is only about 15 minutes train ride with subway Yotsubashi line to Suminoe-Koen station.

This sure is an event which you cannot see very often, so why don’t you visit here if you have time after your sightseeing in Osaka?

Mt.Kongo is located in the southern part of Osaka, and during winter, the mountain would be covered in snow.

It it about 30 minutes ride on a train from Namba to Kawachi-Nagano, the nearest train station of Mt.Kongo, and 35 minutes ride on a bus from Kawachi-Nagano station.

It is not that far from Osaka city, so if you have some time, why don’t you consider visiting Mt.Kongo?

In Sep.16th and 17th, Danjiri Festival will be held at Kishiwada.”Danjiri” is a special car used in the festival, and have many sculptures and decorations on it. In Danjiri Festival, about 500 people drag Danjiri and run across the city of Kishiwada.