About the attempts for preventing the spread of infections of COVID 19

About the attempts for preventing the spread of infections of COVID 19

Our company is working on the attempts below in order to prevent the spread of infections of COVID 19 for all customers that use the railway service.

Our main attempts for preventing infections

Our main attempts for preventing infections are as written bellow.

・Our staff, including the station staff, train crew and any other staff that contacts with customers,
are wearing face masks.
・Plastic sheets to prevent droplet infection of COVID 19 are established at ticket gate counters of
the stations.
・Station facilities where are often touched are disinfected ex. h andrails of staircases, waiting
rooms, restrooms for customers, automatic ticket gates, automatic ticket machines
・Antivirus / antibacterial sheets are put on touch panels of automatic ticket ma chines and fare
adjustment machines.
・Trains are ventilated by air conditioning and opening windows.
・Announcements about preventing COVID 19 infections are broadcasted at stations and trains.
・Antivirus / antibacterial process inside trains and disinfection of hanging straps and handrails
by wiping is done.

Circumstances about our staff not wearing face masks

We sometimes have difficulties when maintain devices such as train rails because of the heat while putting on face masks. There are times that our staff may put off their face masks after checking there are no customers nearby in order to prevent heat attacks.

Thank you for your understanding.

About the air conditioning of trains

By putting inside air from outside using air conditioning, the air inside the train will be completely replaced in 3–8 mins at express trains and 3-10 mins in normal trains. The replacement of the air at normal trains will be much faster in order of open windows and doors.

About open windows

We are opening windows for apx. 10 cm with these stickers on to ventilate the train.
Thank you for your cooperation.

Requests to customers

We kindly request customers who ride our vehicles to wear face masks and refrain talking inside
the vehicle. Also please understand our attempts to ventilate the vehicle. We also appreciate
teleworking and travel during non peak hours.