Walk and hike along Nankai!

Get heeled by the nature

Here are some recommended walking spots that are a little far from the city! These are little-known spots that are popular to Japanese people, so the scenery is outstanding! Come on whether you are new to Kansai or a veteran.

Hike the ancient pilgrimage routes

Kumano pilgrimage routes

If you have come to Wakayama, walking through the Kumano pilgrimage routes is a must for enjoying the great nature and history of Japan. In the old days, Japanese have said that to “Go to Ise 7 times, go to Kumano 3 times” was a symbol of strong faith in Shinto. “Kumano” said in this quote is “Kumano Sanzan”, the some of the goals of the pilgrimage routes. Praying through the pilgrimage route of Kumano was a very strict asceticism , and was known as a path that purifies the soul from the Heian era (about 1000 years ago). Kumano Kodo connects to Kumano Sanzan, and made peace to many of the people who finished their journey.

Goodbye Winter, Spring is on the way!

Plum flowers at Kumano

It’s seems that spring is on the way in March! Take a look at these gorgeous pink flowers. These are plum flowers taken at the Kumano pilgrimage routes in Wakayama. Plum flowers are known as noble flowers in Japan since they bloom during the cold winter.
Actually, plum flowers are symbol flowers of Osaka pref. and Wakayama pref.! Especially, Wakayama loves plums – and liquor made from plums.

Hike up the Mountain

Sugimura park

Red leaves color up the mountains of Japan in autumn, and it’s a great season to go outdoors and hike mountains. This picture shows Maruo bashi (Maruo bridge), that connects Sugimura park and Mitsuishiyama. Mitsuishiyama is 738.4m high, and is a popular place where hikers from the area go. Walk up, and enjoy the nature and clear air.

How to go
A 5 min walk from Miyukitsuji station, Nankai Railways
786, Miyukitsuji, Hashimoto
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Walk to Koyasan


Did you know that there are several roads to walk until Koyasan? In the ancient times, when there were no cars nor trains, people walked up the rough road up to the sacred ground. One of the main pilgrimages is Choishimichi. Choishimichi starts from Jisonin, which is also called Koya for women. This picture shows the enterance of Choishimichi. The length of the road from here to Koyasan is approximately 24 km, and is said to be a 7 hour walk.

How to go
A 20 min walk from Kudoyama station, Nankai railways
832, Jisonin, Kudoyamacho, Itogun, Wakayama
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