Welcome to Misaki Koen amusement park!

Welcome to Misaki Koen amusement park!
The birth of baby red panda exhibition time12:30-15:00
It takes about 50min from Namba , about 15min from Kansai Airport , about 30min from Wakayamashi, by Nankai Electric Railway.Near the Misaki Koen station.
What is MISAKI KOUEN Amusement Park?

Consist of zoo, amusement park including dolphin show, and recreation pool in summer, both adults and children can spend enjoyable time in it. A perfect location facing Osaka Bay, it takes about 30min from Kansai Airport, about 50min from Namba, about 15min from Wakayamashi by Nankai Electric Railway.
It is popular especially for the dolphin show which is the only one in Osaka and 'Wakuwaku train land' where can experience and learn a lot about train.
From late March to early April, about 1,000 cherry trees bloom in profusion in the park.

Attraction point 'Mipo' card

A card can be recharged with attraction point which named 'Mipo' to play attractions.
But be attention, it is not available at some attractions, restaurants or shops.


Dolphin show

It is a dynamic performance from dolphin with a background of Osaka Bay.
The exciting show by highly skilled trainer and dolphin can be seen closely, receiving a favourable reception.

Zoo be available just by park admission

bout 700 animals of 40 types including giraffe and lion are shown.
The charm is that most of them are shown without fence, so you can observe them closely. The largest 'monkey mountain' in Japan and 'South American forest' where sloth and squirrel monkey native to South American gather are very popular.

Petting zoo \200, feed for a separate fee \100

You can experience petting with Goats, Capybara, Mini-pig and feeding them.
Even little children will have fun with lots of lovely pets here.


Wakuwaku train land

You can enjoy train driver and conductor experience as well as the powerful train exhibition.
Train driving experience with thedriving simulator using real movie will make you feel really operating the train.

each for\200

Amusement park

The roller coaster which is the second oldest in Japan is popular for that the Osaka Bay will spread in front of you on the end of course, after rushing through the wood. There are also other amusing attractions like Ferris wheel.

discounted ticket by presenting passport! (except those issued in Japan)
  • Admission
  • Adult
    (Aged 12 or over)
    (Aged 3 or over)
  • Admission + Pool set ticket (summer only)
  • Adult
    (Aged 12 or over)
    (Aged 3 or over)
  • SET TICKET for enjoying MISAKI KOUEN Amusement ParkSale at service center only!
  • 1 : Dolphin show + WAKUWAKU train land +
    Petting zoo + Feed fee
    2 : Dolphin show + WAKUWAKU train land
    3 : WAKUWAKU train land + Petting zoo + Feed fee
Terms and Conditions
  • The discounted admission is only available to the passport holders.
  • All attractions require a separate fee.
  • Re-issue will be refused if lost.
  • The contents may be subject to change without prior notice.
  • Valid for the day of issue only.
Operating Hours
9:30~17:00 * Operating hours are shortened during winter. (opening hours 10:00-16:30)
3990 Tannowa,Sennangun Misakicho,Osaka
It takes about 50min from Namba , about 15min from Kansai Airport , about 30min from Wakayamashi, by Nankai Electric Railway.
Near the Misaki Koen station.
Park Closing
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About fare for group tourists, please contact the following E-mail address to enquire. tourism@nankai.co.jp

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