Osaka's Cherry Blossoms

Information of Osaka's Cherry Blossoms
Information of Osaka's Cherry Blossoms

It is Information of Osaka's Cherry Blossoms.

Special feature Information of Osaka's Cherry Blossoms

Outrun according to Mint Bureau cherry tree

"Cherry tree of passing through" which blooms in the yard of the Mint Bureau which prepares first Japanese modern facilities as (1871), money foundry in 1871, and was established.
From the large riverside south gate to the north gate, it is wonderful row of cherry blossom trees for approximately 560m.
We do one week of about the middle of April according to the cherry tree with omission period and show cherry tree to general people (one way).
Approximately 130 kinds, approximately 350 cherry trees are in full glory and can see rare kinds such as Venite Mali (deep red playing with a ball hitting with the hand) or Mari Ote (great playing with a ball hitting with the hand).

Detailed information
  • Keihan, Osaka municipal subway Temmabashi Station 15mins on foot
  • Free of charge
  • Weekdays 10-21:00 (on Saturday and Sunday 9:00 ...)
Cherry tree of hair horse cherry tree shrine park Okawa

There is building representing the Meiji early days including outlook on Mint Bureau and spring cloth in the right bank in bank of a river park which washes hair horse of free Okawa, and used riverbed of extension 4.2 kilos from dam to downstream Temmabashi.
Yoshino cherry tree, wild cherry tree, approximately 4,800 of them including Prunus donarium are planted around sakurakorekyukyo (silver bridge) neighborhood from Temmabashi, and Sakuranamiki is full of much cherry blossom viewing visitors into the night.

Detailed information
  • It is immediate on foot from JR Sakuranomiya Station or Osakajo-Kitazume Station
  • It is approximately 5 minutes on foot from subway Tanimachi Line, Keihan Main Line Temmabashi Station
Cherry tree of Osaka Castle Park

In park which is full of green to spread around Osaka-jo Castle, we are loved as urban oasis.
It is western citadel of the castle garden to be the most famous in the highlight of cherry tree.
It is full of much cherry-blossom viewing visitors in season.

Detailed information
  • JR Osaka Loop Line Osakajo-Koen Station
  • Free of charge
International exposition park

Park which was made in commemoration of meeting place ruins of international exposition held in 1970 in Japan. On very large site of approximately 260 square meters, sports, culture facility are prepared including natural culture garden and Japanese garden which are full of green. Solar tower is symbol of international exposition park.
In international exposition park, Sakura Festival is started on March 30, and 9 kinds including Yoshino cherry tree, approximately 5,500 cherry trees are in full glory. During period, cherry tree is lighted up for from 18:00 to 21:00.

Detailed information
  • Osaka monorail "Bampaku-Kinenkoen Station" "Koen-Higashiguchi Station"
  • 250 yen for adults / primary schoolchild, junior high student 70 yen common throughout Japanese garden, natural culture garden
  • From 9:00 to 21:00
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