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Refreshing hiking course
with mountain streams,
waterfalls and beech forests

From Ushitakisan mountain, which is famous for its mountain streams, waterfalls, and autumn leaves, take the Jizo mountain trail to Mt. Izumi Katsuragi. Beech forests spread out on the mountaintop, and you can enjoy forest bathing and great views. You can enjoy the waterfall and the beauty of the valley, which is full of variety. If you are thinking of hiking or climbing Mt. Izumi Katsuragi, please refer to the following.

* Some sections of the Kinki Natural Trail in the Senshu area are closed.
For details, please check the Kishiwada City website.

Recommended route

DepartureNankai Namba station

Nankai Electric Railway (Nankai Main Line)21 min by train

Kishiwada sta.

50 min / bus(From Bus stop No.1)

Ushitakiyama Bus Stop

30 min walk

Jizo-san, Mountain Enterance, Iccho Jizo

70 min walk

Twenty one Jizo

40 min walk

Mountain top / Izumi Katsuragi mountain

60 min walk


65 min walk

Inunaki Tunnel

10 min walk

Shippouryuji Temple

30 min walk

Inunakisan Bus Stop

35 min / bus

GOALIzumisano sta.

Ushitakisan Daiitokuji Temple

Ushitakisan Daiitokuji Temple is said to be founded by Ennogyojya and was the training ground for Kobo Daishi. The red-painted Tahoto pagoda is an important cultural property of Japan. The old maple tree, which has been known as a famous spot for autumn leaves since ancient times and is colored bright red, is breathtakingly beautiful. The Momiji Festival is held in autumn many people visit here.

1178 Ōsawachō, Kishiwada, Osaka 596-0114

Inunakisan Shippoyuryuji Temple

Inunakisan Shippoyuryuji Temple is the oldest sacred area in Japan opened by Ennogyoja, and there is a training area for Shugendo in the valley. The precincts surrounded by deep green are dotted with temples, creating a mysterious atmosphere. Shrines, Fudoson, Jizo, etc. can be seen everywhere, and all the gods and Buddhas are enshrined.

〒598-0023 8 Ohgi, Izumisano, Osaka

Waterfall of Gyojya

One of the seven waterfalls from which the name Shipporyuji is derived. You can still see people being hit by the waterfall.
● Training experience course
Participation fee 3,000 yen
Reservation required
Inquiry / Shipporyuji Main Hall
* Not available from December to February.

〒598-0023 Ohgi, Izumisano, Osaka

Transportation facilities to use

Nankai Electric Railway (Nankai Main Line) Kishiwada sta.
21 min by train from Namba