Airport AccessHow to Ride the Train


Buy a train ticket

1Confirm your destination

Confirm your train fare from the price list in the station.

2Buy your ticket from the ticket machine.

You can buy the train ticket from the ticket machine in the station. Put money in, confirm price from the price list and push the button please.

  • 1Touch Panel
  • 5Insert coins here
  • 2Select language
  • 6Take ticket from here
  • 3Adult/Child
  • 7Change
  • 4Insert coins here

1.Choose the language

Please choose your language from the upper right button. (Japanese/English/Chinese/Korean)

2.Put your money into the machine

Choose your destination from the middle of the screen and input your money. If your destination is not shown on the screen, please select [Buy other tickets] from the upper right.

If you plan to change to the Osaka Metro, it is cheaper to use the special [Osaka Subway to Kansai Int’l Airport] ticket.

3.Confirm the price

Confirm your train fare from the price list above the ticket machine.
Check the price list here.

*Sample pic.

Select the correct fare and put money into the machine.

4.Take your ticket and change.

Don’t forget to take your ticket and change before you leave the machine.

Train fare rules

Classification of “Adult” and “Child”
ADULT Over 12 years old (elementary school children aged 12 years are CHILD))
CHILD Between 6 and 11 years old (children aged 6 years who are not yet in elementary school are TODDLER)
TODDLER Between 1 and 5 years old
INFANT Under 1 year old
Fares for TODDLER and INFANT

TODDLER and INFANT are usually free of charge. However, in case of the following they must pay the CHILD fare.

1.When riding alone.

2.When three or more toddlers or infants are accompanying one passenger, the child fare applies to third and subsequent children.

3.When TODDLER or INFANT take reserved-seated trains (Limited Express only)

4.When TODDLER take the train with or as people who pay Group fare.


Go through the automatic ticket gate.

Please insert your ticket into the automatic ticket gate.


Board your train.

Please confirm the train type and destination before you board the train.

Train Type

Limited Express Rapi:t

Connect Kansai Airport and Namba in 34 mins at least.Additional limited express ticket is required for Limited Express Rapi:t.Rapi:t

Airport Expressα will not stop at Kishiwada and Sakai.

Connect Kansai Airport and Namba in about 45 mins.Only normal train ticket is required.


A train stops at every station until Tengachaya and Shin-imamiya.Only normal train ticket is required.