About Rapi:tLimited Express Rapi:t

Limited Express Rapi:t

About the Limited Express Rapi:t

Rapi:t means fast in German.
The Limited Express Rapi:t was designed based on the concept of ‘retro-future’, combining power and speed in the design of the ‘head’ of the train with sleek curves.
as well as the circular window design inspired by those on an airplane.
With a maximum speed of 120km / h and a minimum time of 34 minutes, it connects Kansai Airport Station and Nankai Namba Station.

Limited Express Rapi:t connects
Kansai Airport and Namba in a minimum time of 34 minutes.


all reserved-seating ensures
the most relaxed journey.

Great value

Upgrade to the Rapi:t
for just 520 yen!


Connect Kansai Airport
and Osaka center area,Namba,
in a minimum time of 34 minutes.

Train facilities

Super Seat

Cars No.5 and No.6 have only 3 seats per row. 485mm wide and with a reclining length of 1200mm, the spacious layout allows travelers to travel between Osaka and Kansai Airport in executive style.

Regular Seat

Cars No.1 to No.4 have 4 seats per row and offer a relaxing and comfortable journey to our customers.

Overhead baggage compartments

Baggage compartments above each seat are available to store small bags.

Luggage space

Storage space for larger luggage is available near each door.If you need to buy a Limited Express ticket, please line up on the right side of the counter.

Osaka Free Wi-Fi

Osaka Free Wi-Fi

Free WiFi on board.

Stations that Limited Express Rapi:t stops at

Please go to the Limited Express ticket selling & exchange counter.

How to ride the Limited Express Rapi:t


People who have already purchased online or from travel agency abroad, please line up on the left side of the counter.
If you need to buy a Limited Express ticket, please line up on the right side of the counter.


Please buy or exchange the Limited Express ticket at the counter.
*It is necessary to purchase a Limited Express ticket in addition to a normal train ticket.


Insert your ticket into the automatic ticket gate.


Please confirm the departure time and platform on the screen.


Board the train at the car shown on your ticket.


Sit according to the seat number on your ticket.