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Measures we are working on to ensure safety and relief (#1 Nankai Electric Railway / Namba area)

As the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) is raging all over the world, Japan has declared state of emergency on April 7, and requested for public cooperation to refrain from going out. Shopping centers and restaurants have been closed. Osaka downtown area, Namba, including Kansai Airport, which is the gateway to Japan, have turned out to be very quiet. However, in such situation, we believe that this shall pass soon and each of us is trying best to implement the best possible measures at this time.

All of us is very grateful to provide our rail service under the stringent measures.

What we can do in trains and stations

Kansai Airport Station, which was crowded with tons of foreigner guests every day, and Namba Station, which was always full of about 250,000 passengers a day, are now silent. To prevent the spread of infection and to cut the outbreak as soon as possible, our staff installed vinyl sheets at the ticket counters and have been wearing a mask, etc. Inside the train, which is closed space, we open some windows during the run to increase air flow. Moreover, rapi:tldier, the Limited Express Rapi:t’s familiar character, also wears a mask to fight against virus every day!!

We are preparing in hope of resuming the business at the soonest.

What we can do at Namba CITY, Namba PARKS and Namba Skyo

After the state of emergency was declared, Namba CITY, Namba PARKS and Namba Skyo have been temporarily closed since April 8. While it is currently not yet possible to welcome customers, planting trees in the PARKS Garden are still well cared. Various restaurants are renewing their shops and preparing facilities to get ready for the re-open.

We will still keep smiling to fight and trying our best.

What we can do in Namba area

The Ebisubashi shopping street, which always overflows with big crowd, and Uranamba area, where laughter always last until midnight, are now soundless. In Uranamba, many restaurants are continuing their business with various ideas. Some sell handmade bento boxes that you can experience its taste at home. Some widen the chairs space to keep distance between customers inside the shop or use private partitions.
We hope that Namba will see you again really soon.

Information of the novel coronavirus infection status will timely be notified.

Light Up at Nankai Namba Station Terminal Building

From May 16, there will be light up activity at Nankai Namba Station Terminal Building. We will timely inform people working or visiting in Namba area regarding the situation of the novel coronavirus infection by lighting up in red, yellow, and green.
Red: High vigilant
Yellow: Alert
Green: Within standard

As of May 13th, 2020