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Restart Namba! Long-awaited shopping centers are re-opened.
(# 2 Namba shopping centers )

Osaka Prefecture has achieved the cancellation standard for measures against the spread of novel coronavirus infection in its original way “Osaka model”. Since May 14, the request for closure of commercial centers and restaurants has been eased. Commercial centers in Namba, except for some stores, have resumed their business since May 19. Then, the emergency declaration was finally lifted on May 21.
Although the bustle as in the past does not return immediately, we are making steady progress toward recovery under stringent measures to prevent the infection.

We are welcoming all customers with stringent infection prevention measures.

Namba CITY, Namba Parks, Namba SkyO are now open!

Namba CITY, Namba Parks, and Namba SkyO have resumed operations since May 19, following the closure measure cancellation announcement by Osaka Prefecture. Various shops that have been well prepared for the re-opening are also operating well. In addition, we are thoroughly implementing infection prevention measures at each facility, such as sterilizing alcohol, installing vinyl curtains, and ensuring social distance to make sure everyone can safely enjoy shopping.

However, for the time being, commercial centers are operating in a shorter business hours.

Business hours
Namba CITY
Namba SkyO

Refresh your mind and body in the spacious garden!

Parks Garden has re-opened

Along with commercial centers, Parks Garden has also re-opened. The park is adjacent to the station and commercial center on the 9th floor above the ground. So, the risk of crowds gathering is low, and the fresh green plants in this spacious garden will help relieve fatigue for everyone.
Even during the closure, our staffs were well taking care of the park every day, and now the full bloom flowers are ready to welcome all customers.

Business hours

Service with our heart of hospitality

Restaurants in Uranamba are now bustling

Uranamba area is lined up with unique restaurants. Opening restaurants are increasing, while the operating hours are also extended. Uranamba, once bustling, is about to return. We are carefully preparing with sincerity, and waiting to welcome all customers with our bright smiles.

Information as of May 21, 2020.