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Applause to deliver gratitude and encouragement from Namba, Osaka (# 3 Namba Friday Ovation)

It has been 10 days since the state of emergency in Japan was lifted and the number of the virus infected cases has been continually decreasing. This is unquestionably the result of everyone's cooperation and also, the support from those medical and nursing personnel working in the front-line fighting for all of us.
We would love to deliver our appreciation and encouragement to all the heroes from here in Namba, Osaka.

Friday at noon

Namba Friday Ovation

On Friday, May 29, at noon, the Friday Ovation Event was held at Nankai Namba Station North Square to applaud for our heroes protecting us.
On that day, in clear weather, 30 of our employees stood and clapped their hands by keeping a distance of 1.5 meters between each other.
We hope that all the heroes throughout Japan and around the world who fight to protect us will receive the respect and gratitude from here in Namba ...

Appreciation and encouragement from our hearts

Messages from all of us in Nankai Electric Railway

Although the number of infected cases is decreasing, the end of this global situation is still not yet in sight. However, we desire to deliver vitality and smiles of Osaka to the world. This event, our foreign staffs working at Nankai Electric Railway participate in as well.
Although it is still difficult to be alert, we will continue working on to prevent the virus infection so that everyone can use our services with confidence.
The next events will be held at noon on 5, 12 and 19 June at Nankai Namba Station North Square. From next time, aside from our staffs, the event will be open to everyone in Namba area.