Rough skin caused by face mask!

Recommended skin care and makeup

Due to the spread of the novel coronavirus infection at this time, face mask became indispensable item in everyday life. In summer, sweat and sebum increases, causing rough skin, and people get wonder how to make-up while having to wear a face mask. Here we would like to introduce some summer skin care/makeup products that can help solve the problems.

Relieve the rough skin caused by face mask!

Find your new skin care

A month has passed since the abolition of the state of emergency. The summer has arrived with sweltering weather. However, we still have to wear face masks. People with sensitive skin are in trouble getting rough skin caused by face mask. However,different person needs different care. Popular products on the internet may not always suit you. Today, we would like to introduce Namba's recommended cosmetics stores to help you find your best skincare.

Consult professional staffs with skin diagnosis!

Get makeup that fit you best <Be Maison>

First of all, we would like to introduce Be Maison, a recommended cosmetics store in Namba.
Here, the professional staffs will recommend the product that suits you best through skin diagnosis.
In the store, there are staffs who can speak foreign languages, so customers from overseas can enjoy shopping here with their peace of mind.
The lineup of products is also substantial. You may get popular brand products which are always out of stock at other department stores...!

Make your eyes stand out

Shine your makeup even under face mask

When wearing a face mask, most of your face will be hidden. Therefore, the impression from your eyes is very important. Japanese women tend to do makeup according to the sense of each season. This year's summer trend will be shades of blue and purple. If you make up your eyes by adding those shades, you will look more stylish.
As well as cosmetics, Be Masion also has a wide selection of perfumes. It is recommended for you to find your favorite scent for yourself and to buy and give to your friends and loved ones as valueable gifts.

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Reward your skin

Esthetic At Home <POLA・YAMAN>

Have you visited Namba SkyO, a complex connected to Nankai Namba Station? On the 6th floor, there are many health and bueaty stores. Among them, POLA and YAMAN, which are famous for their original facial goods, have a full lineup from the latest models to premium products! You can try out the products in a private room for massage or facial care to choose the product that suits you best. Would you like some beauty products that you can apply at home?

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Not only tax free, discount coupons for overseas tourists are now offered!

Let's shop with coupons

Aside from tax exemption service, the information center of each complex provides discount coupons for foreign customers. The coupon can be used at Namba City, Namba Parks, and Namba SkyO.
If you show your passport at the counter, you will get a special coupon worth 500 yen off for purchases of 10,000 yen or more!

Information as of July 13, 2020.

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