“n-e-s-t Kansai Airport Counter” is reopened !

In response to many customers' requests, "n-e-s-t Kansai Airport Counter" is reopened !

Nankai Electric Railway has reopened the "n-e-s-t Kansai Airport Counter" in response to many customers' requests.

"n-e-s-t Kansai Airport Counter"

"n-e-s-t Kansai Airport Counter" offers temporary baggage storage and same-day delivery to hotels in Osaka City.
This time, cashless payment is available and the delivery service can be reserved in advance, which is more convenient for customers.

Start your trip with no baggage

It is very convenient because you can move around comfortably on the train without a big suitcase, and you can go sightseeing as it is, so you have plenty of time to spend.
Same-day delivery from the hotel to "n-e-s-t Kansai Airport Counter" is also available on the return trip, so please access the QR code to confirm. See the flyer for details.
There is also the "n・e・s・t Namba Counter" in front of the central ticket gate of Nankai Namba Station, where you can leave your baggage temporarily.

Flyer for details
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