In and around the Wakayama City station!

In and around the Wakayama City station! Stylish tea rooms and cafes.

From Namba in the center of Osaka, take the tram directly to Nankai Wakayama City station without transferring. The station has direct commercial facilities, and nearby attractions include the famous Wakayama Castle and many restaurants beloved by locals. After sightseeing, why not take a break in a local famous tea room and leisurely pass the time?

Direct access from Wakayama City station

KISHU CHAYA Tamurin'en Ki: no Wakayama store

Located on the second floor of Ki: no Wakayama, directly connected to Wakayama City station, "KISHU CHAYA Tamurin'en" is a cafe operated by the long-established tea shop "Tamurin'en." The white hanging curtains and wooden interior create an elegant and tranquil atmosphere. The shop is equipped with stone mills, allowing you to taste the freshly ground matcha and hojicha with their original flavors and aromas. It is said that the Wakayama specialty "green soft ice cream" made from domestically produced tea leaves and other soft ice creams are also made from matcha!

At "KISHU CHAYA Tamurin'en," you can taste the tea from the long-established tea shop and desserts made with matcha. The shop also has original products and souvenirs using local specialties! It is said that a limited menu is introduced every season.

39 Higashikuramaecho, Wakayama City, Wakayama Prefecture, Ki: no Wakayama 2F
Business Hours
11:00~21:00 (L.O.20:30)
Closed on Ki: no Wakayama's regular closing days

Experience the scenery of the four seasons and Japanese tradition, and relax.

Main Branch Jun Kawaya Zenzabemon Jun Kawacho Honpo

From Wakayama City station, it takes about 14 minutes on foot or 3 minutes by bus after getting off at "Honmachi 2-chome." "Main Branch Jun Kawaya Zenzabemon" is a long-established confectionery store founded in 1461. Since its opening, the store has been extremely popular. The store displays Rengyo, the origin of Jun Kawaya, and signature products such as Honji Manju. It is said that some products may be sold out by noon.

The store also has a corner for the second brand "Tsuruya Zenzabemon"! Following the concept of "enjoying confectionery every day," they have developed many colorful and cute sweets, such as grass cakes and fresh puddings.

Please taste the seasonal confectionery made by "Main Branch Jun Kawaya Zenzabemon," which has stood the test of time, as well as the confectionery combining Japanese and Western traditions produced by traditional techniques.

12 Surugacho, Wakayama City, Wakayama Prefecture
Business Hours
None (Occasional temporary closures)

Extend your steps and head to the coastal town of Kada.

Mibyo Kenko Tsubura Café

From Kada station, it takes about 2 minutes on foot. "Mibyo Kenko Tsubura Cafe" is a cafe located in a residential area with a hidden, traditional-style old folk house. Here, you can enjoy a gentle menu mainly made with fresh ingredients picked in local Wakayama.

The owner renovated part of their residence into the cafe, creating a tranquil atmosphere reminiscent of returning home. The comfortable environment allows people to relax.

The concept of "Mibyo Kenko Tsubura Cafe" is "the body is made up of food" and "preventing illness and promoting health." The owner hopes to enrich both the body and mind through food.

In the nostalgic atmosphere, you can leisurely enjoy lunch or sweets at "Mibyo Kenko Tsubura Cafe." Since there are private rooms, it is also suitable for bringing children. Lunch is also available for takeout! Feel the Japanese atmosphere here and take a break.

1070-91 Kada, Wakayama City, Wakayama Prefecture
Business Hours
Thursdays and Fridays