Let’s Explore the Stations along the Path to Koyasan – Kudoyama Station, Onigiri Stand “Kudo,” and Kamuro Station

The journey to Koyasan is also delightful. Let's explore the station buildings - Kudoyama Station, Onigiri Stand "Kudo," and Kamuro Station.

Koyasan, with its solemn atmosphere throughout the seasons, is a place where you can experience a refreshing sense of purification for both body and mind, especially if you visit at the beginning of the new year. Whether it's for your first visit to Koyasan or a spontaneous stop at stations rarely visited, consider venturing into the extraordinary world for a mental break and seeking serenity.

Local Flavors at the Foot of Mount Koya

Kudoyama Station - Onigiri Stand "Kudo"

Opened in 2019, the "Onigiri Stand Kudo" has become a well-known establishment at Kudoyama Station. Located within the station premises and catching the eye of passersby on trains, this shop offers onigiri (rice balls) made with rice harvested in Kudoyama, freshly cooked every morning in a traditional hearth.

The fillings include Koyasan's specialty Kinzanji miso, flavorful simmered buri (yellowtail), and Hijiki seaweed from Kada, presenting a diverse lineup of Wakanaya's blessings. Each onigiri is carefully crafted upon order, allowing it to gently unravel in your mouth, revealing the subtle sweetness of the rice.

The eat-in space is also unique, resembling a secret hideout adorned with retired Nankai Electric Railway parts and retro route maps. Take a break before or after your pilgrimage to Mount Koya and savor the local flavors at this distinctive spot.

Enshrining the God of Learning

Kamuro Station

Kamuro Station opened in the 13th year of the Taisho era (1924). The nostalgic wooden station building, maintaining the atmosphere of that time, evokes a sense of fondness. During the exam season, the scene of visitors bustling towards the Kamuro Tenmangu Shrine, dedicated to the God of Learning, Sugawara no Michizane, has become an annual spectacle.

Until March 25, 2024 (Monday, Daian), Nankai Electric Railway is selling a set of 5 tickets for Kamuro Station. The ticket set has been cherished as a good luck charm for exams since its release in 1975, as the reading "Gakumon (mon) no michi" can be interpreted as "entering the path of learning." Additionally, the initials of "5 (go) sheets," "entrance ticket," and "Kamuro Station" form the auspicious pun "Go-nyugaku" (congratulations on entering school).

This year, a "special backing card that becomes an amulet bag" is also available. This card allows you to store the entrance ticket on which you've written your desired school, so you can carry it with you at all times. Wishing for success, may this exam charm bring good fortune in your academic endeavors!