What is Nippombashi Ota Road?

What is Nippombashi Ota Road? Summary of Popular Spots and Access Information.

"Nippombashi Ota Road" is a popular area known as the "Akihabara of the West," where specialized stores for anime goods and plastic models gather. This article introduces unique spots and access information of Nippombashi Ota Road, which is visited by not only Japanese but also foreign tourists.

About Nippombashi Ota Road

Osaka Nippombashi, one of the three major electric towns in Japan, is considered the largest pop culture hub in western Japan. On the west side of Sakai-suji Street, behind the main street, is "Ota Road," where numerous specialty stores for figures, anime goods, and plastic models line up.

How to go
About a 10-minute walk from Nankai Main Line/Koya Line "Namba" Station.

Highlighted Spots in Nippombashi Ota Road

【G-Store Osaka】
A specialty store that mainly deals with official character goods and character apparel. Perfect for finding souvenirs for anime-loving friends. They also offer a wide range of items such as cosplay costumes, dolls, and official New Japan Pro-Wrestling goods.

【Cafe e-maid】
A maid cafe & restaurant where classical and elegant maids greet you in long skirts. The cute omurice that maids draw in front of you is very popular. Made with red eggs, cream, and butter from Hokkaido, it's a satisfying dish both in appearance and taste.

【Kotobukiya Nippombashi】
A specialty store for figures and plastic models with a wide range of popular anime and game characters. They also handle products related to overseas anime and games in addition to those in Japan. You can also find modeling tools for plastic models here.

【Surugaya Ota Road Anime & Hobby Building】
On the second floor, they have figures, plastic models, toys, board games, and more. On the third floor, anime goods, fancy goods, plush toys, video software, anime/game CDs, and more are lined up on shelves. The store attracts many foreign tourists, and they offer tax-free services for purchases over 5,500 yen.

【Nippombashi Comprehensive Information Center】
A comprehensive information center for visitors to Denden Town and Ota Road. They provide convenient services such as luggage storage (paid) and "Osaka Free Wi-Fi" that can be used throughout the Nippombashi-suji shopping street area. Inside the center, you can also find goods of Nion-chan and Hikari-chan, local characters of Nippombashi, so be sure to check them out.

【Times Osaka Namba】
A parking lot you should visit when going to Ota Road. Inside the parking lot, rows of "itasha" cars with painted moe characters are lined up. The scene of unique cars is like a motor show. Since these are privately owned cars, be sure to get permission before touching or taking photos.

Enjoy Japanese Pop Culture!

This article introduced shop guides and access information for "Nippombashi Ota Road." From specialized stores for enthusiasts to shops handling major anime and manga goods, there are plenty of spots to explore. Why not visit Nippombashi Ota Road on your next holiday and enjoy Japanese pop culture to the fullest?