Clam Digging at Nishiki Beach

Enjoy Clam Digging at Nishiki Beach! Essentials, Timings, and Access Information

"Nishiki Beach" is an easily accessible spot from Osaka city, perfect for enjoying the spring tradition of clam digging. This article provides a summary of the essentials needed for clam digging at Nishiki Beach, including the event period, operating hours, and access information.

What is Nishiki Beach?

Nishiki Beach is a popular beach with excellent access, just under an hour from Osaka city. From spring to summer, it is bustling with families and young people enjoying windsurfing.

Facilities for barbecuing are also available, allowing visitors to fully enjoy nature by the sea.

871 Sawa, Kaizuka-shi, Osaka
How to go
10-minute walk from Nankai Main Line "Nishikinohama" Station.

Enjoy Clam Digging at Nishiki Beach

At Nishiki Beach, you can enjoy clam digging under the gentle spring sunshine. Every year from April to June, the clam digging grounds are opened to the public, attracting large crowds.

To enjoy clam digging at Nishiki Beach, you need to pay an admission fee for the tidal flats (Adults/Junior high school students and above: 1,700 yen, Children/3 years old to elementary school students: 850 yen). Additionally, you can take home up to 600g of clams for adults and 300g for children.

Families can gather clams together and savor the local specialties like clam rice and clam hotpot.

Basic Information for Clam Digging at Nishiki Beach

Event Period:
From April 13, 2024 (Saturday) to June 9, 2024 (Sunday)
Temporary closure from April 15 (Monday) to April 19 (Friday)

Operating Hours:
9:00 AM to 5:00 PM (Last entry at 4:30 PM)

Adults (Junior high school students and above): 1,700 yen
Children (3 years old to elementary school students): 850 yen

Necessary Items for Clam Digging

Let's look at the essential items needed for clam digging.

Essential Items

Rake: An indispensable tool for collecting clams. A type with rounded tips is recommended. Nishiki Beach also offers rake rentals (100 yen each).

Marine Shoes or Boots: Avoid beach sandals that expose bare feet, as you might cut your feet on shells. It's best to wear marine shoes or boots.

Plastic Bags or Buckets: Useful for carrying your belongings and taking home the clams you collect.

Convenient Items

Sunscreen: Since the sun can be strong, apply sunscreen regularly to prevent skin problems.

Hat: Wearing a hat is advisable to prevent heatstroke and sunburn while clam digging.

Leisure Sheet: Handy for taking a break or changing children's clothes.

Trash Bags: Ensure you take all your trash home. Extra trash bags can also be useful for carrying wet clothes or towels.

Change of Clothes: Since you might get wet or sweaty, it's good to bring a change of clothes.

Towels: Bring several towels of different sizes, including a bath towel for wiping your feet.

Best Time for Clam Digging at Nishiki Beach

The optimal time for clam digging is said to be from 1 to 2 hours before low tide until the tide recedes completely. As the water level drops, many clams can be found in the exposed tidal flats.

The best days are during the "spring tide," which occurs a few days before and after the new moon and full moon. During these times, the tide recedes significantly, making the tidal flats wider and ideal for clam digging.

On days when the tide recedes significantly, you can enjoy clam digging even in tidal flats that are usually underwater.

Let's enjoy shellfish gathering enveloped by the pleasant scent of the tide at Nishiki Beach!

In this article, we introduced shellfish gathering at Nishiki Beach. Spending time shellfish gathering while being surrounded by the pleasant scent of the tide at Nishiki Beach is a spring luxury. Please enjoy a delightful day at Nishiki Beach.