Enjoy an Evening to Night Walk at the Oasis of Namba, “Parks Garden”

Open Until Midnight! The Rooftop Park "Parks Garden" is a Free Healing Spot

"Parks Garden" is a rooftop park located in the commercial facility "Namba Parks."
With about 500 species and 100,000 plants, it is an oasis in Namba.

Amazingly, it is open until 0:00AM and is free for anyone to enter.
Every day from sunset to midnight, there is a light display, making it perfect for a stroll before or after dinner or at the end of the day. This time, we will introduce how to enjoy the night.

The Start of the Walk: Through the Green Arch

Entrance Arch

Parks Garden is a rooftop park that continues in terraced form from the ground floor to the 9th floor.
Although the garden is accessed by stairs, it is connected to every floor of Namba Parks, and you can also enter from inside the building.
This time, we will introduce a course that starts from the entrance arch on the 2nd floor.
As you walk from Namba Station, you will see a large, smoothly curved arch.
This is the entrance to Parks Garden.
Many jasmine plants are planted at your feet, and they will grow along the arch over about two years.
Passing through the arch covered in jasmine, your whole body will be enveloped in the sweet scent of jasmine! Once you reach the top, there is a map. Check out the highlights.

Plenty of Atmospheric Rest Spaces

Lobby-like Foyer Space in the Garden

When you reach the 3rd floor, a wooden deck surrounded by greenery unfolds.
It is an atmospheric space illuminated by indirect lighting.
There is also a counter, making it convenient for groups to use.
During the day, garden highlight items introduced by dedicated gardeners are also on display.

As if Lost in an Urban Jungle

From the Garden of Thirst and Moisture to the Forest of Babbling Brooks

From the 4th to the 5th floor, the greenery becomes much deeper.
Walking through the tropical plant zone occasionally enveloped in mist, you might forget you are in Namba, but
looking back from the stairs leading to the 5th floor, you can see office buildings and hotels standing tall, realizing you are in a great urban forest.
The view at dusk from here is spectacular, and the sound of the babbling brook is soothing.

Excitement in Another World

From the Garden Terrace to the Red Land

The 6th floor has a garden terrace that you can use freely. You can also bring takeout food and drinks,
so it seems enjoyable to stroll through the garden with a snack in hand.
The 7th floor features the "Red Canyon" zone, designed to resemble a red wilderness.
Each planting zone is modeled after land that has been eroded by a river and uplifted.
Everything from the floor, wooden deck, decorative soil, to the lighting in this area is characterized by the use of red color. It feels exciting in a futuristic space.

Free Outlets and Free Wi-Fi! Working Space

GREEN DESK for worker

Although it is a public space, the 7th floor also has a zone equipped with free-to-use outlets. The availability of free Wi-Fi is also a nice point. You can spread out pamphlets on the tables and plan your trip.
Anyone can use it, but since it is "for workers," please be quiet if using it for work purposes.

Feel the Sky with Your Whole Body

The Top Floor of the Garden

The top floor of the garden is finally approaching.
On the 8th floor, there is a large artificial lawn "Green Stage" where you can lie down and feel the sky with your whole body.
Whether alone or with others, you can spend a leisurely time here.
And on the topmost 9th floor, there is the "Harappa Plaza" where children can run around without getting bored.
This area also has artificial turf, allowing you to enjoy a picnic-like atmosphere.
The final photo is of Parks Garden as seen from the Swissotel Nankai Osaka. It looks like a giant glowing forest has appeared!

<Parks Garden Basic Information>
Opening Hours: 10:00~24:00
Closed Days: Irregular (according to Namba Parks)
Entirely Non-Smoking
Official Instagram:https://www.instagram.com/parksgardenofficial