Cycling spots along Nankai

Let's enjoy cycling along Nankai!

There are tons of places around cycling roads along Nankai Railway that are quite difficult to visit by car or foot. You will have a pleasant surprise when you run with your bike. Find delicious restaurants and sightseeing spots along the road. Enjoy these cycling roads to find your one and only spot!

Cycling around the seaside resort


One of the largest recreation facilities in Kansai area, SENNAN LONG PARK was born in 2020 along the coastline of Rinku Town. You can enjoy sports, gourmet, leisure and more at the 4 areas, "Activity area", "Community area", "Marche area" and "Glamping area". If you want to go shopping, go on to "Aeon mall Rinku Sennan" nearby.

The cycling route we recommend starts from Izumisano station (35 min from Namba sta. by Nankai Railway). Go along the ancient Kishi Kaido Road, stop by Tajiri Fishing Port, and arrive to SENNAN LONG PARK. If you are planning to enjoy this route on a Sunday, lucky you, take a look at the morning market too.

Marble Beach, by SENNAN LONG PARK, is selected as one of the best 100 sunsets in Japan. How about relaxing while the sun sets into the sea?

Rental cycles are available at Izumisano station, so come on cycling anytime!

"Sanochari" Rental Bicycle
Rinku Park
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Tajiri Fishing Port
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The city of bicycle, Sakai - enjoy the full of the world heritage


Sakai is known as the city of bicycle, since bicycle parts are made here for more than 100 years. This city is also known for it's world heritage site, Mozu-Furuichi Kofun Group: Mounded Tombs of Ancient Japan, registrated in 2019. The tomb of Emperor Nintoku is one of the three largest tombs in the world.

At Sakai, you can enjoy cycling using community cycles (rental cycles). Take a look at the rich history, culture, meals, and run through the new and exciting roads.

Sakai Rental Cycle

Little trip, little town, go around by your bike


Kada, located in the northern west of Wakayama city, is known as the Mecca of fishing. You can enjoy sea bream fishing by the beautiful coast of Kitan strait.

Did you know that Kada is the goal of Pacific Cycling Road? This road starts from Choshi city, Chiba, and is apx. 1,487 km long. It is selected as one of the National Cycle Routes in May 31st, 2021. There is a monument of the Pacific Cycling Road at the goal near Awashima shrine, so how about a picture?

There are sea food restaurants and hot springs where you can relax around Awashima shrine too.

Pacific Cycling Road

Cycle around "Totoro Kaido"


Totoro Kaido (road) quietly makes its way from Mikaichicho sta. to Amami sta. (Nankai Railway). This road was originaly the old Nankai Koya Line which runs right beside. The fantastic atmosphere is as if civilization is lost around this area. The thin roads full of greenery is just like the world of Totoro, from the movies. You will question yourself if its still Osaka.

This cycling road changes its color from green in spring to red in autumn, and is beautiful throughout the year. Traffic is very low around here, so you can full enjoy the nature of Japan. Listen to the sound of the river and singing birds.

Totoro Kaido road
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Okukawachi Cycling Map

Into Cycling?

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Along Nankai is a best place at Kansai to enjoy outdoor events. Wait for more news!