Recommendations from the station master

Recommendations from the station master! Great spots near the station

The station master of Izumisano sta. that knows the best of this area will guide you the best spots to go around this area!

Senshu Iwafune Shrine

Walk through the crimson red "Torii" gate and walk the approach. You can find a real helicopter displayed. Airplanes are drawn in the shrines goshuin (seal stamps given to worshippers and visitors to shrines and temples), goshuinchou (book to write goshuin inside), and ema (votive horse tablets), and you call feel that the name "Airplane Shrine" is the best name for here. The card shaped charms that give you luck for safty of air travel are called "Charms which do not fall". Give these as a souvenier to your family and friends who are going to take exams - they shall not fail!

Otomegokoro Senshu Omusubi (rice balls)

Taste great Omusubi rice balls made with freshly cooked rice and the best ingredents. Take a bite, and the gently formed rice will softly full your mouth. The ingredents are named "ordinary", "sometimes", and "seasonal", so take your time and choose your favorite.
The Omusubi I recommend the most is "Enmusubi (salt flavored rice ball)". Try the simple and best omusubi.

The Open-Air Market by Izumisano Fishermen's Cooperative Association

The Open-Air Market of Izumisano is one of the best fishing harbors in Osaka. Many fresh seafood, for example giant clams, gazami crabs, octopus, pike conger, gaccho, shirasu, and sea breams are sold. The fresh, rare and delicious seafood are all reasonable, and anyone can enter the market. Restaurants where you can enjoy the seafood quickly are inside the market.
If you're a seafood lover, definitely visit here!

Chinu Shrine

Chinu Shrine is located in a quiet area, 7 min walk from Tarui station, Nankai Railways. Every year, a large Ema (votive horse tablet) with the years zodiac is donated from "Rinku Shonan High School". The local people come to see the new ema every new year. This shrine is also known as a holy area forfishing lovers, and the cute "Chinumikuji" fortune telling is popular too.
Come on to Chinu Shrine, loved by the locals.