Desert island just like Anime

Just like the world of anime - Tomogashima! Best spot is the 3rd Battery Ruins

Today, we'll introduce you Tomogashima - a wonderful island floating in the Kitan Strait.

It is an uninhabited island consisting of four islands. One of them, "Okinoshima," has ruins such as the 3rd Battery Ruins, and you can enjoy the view that appears in animations. In this article, we will explore the charms of Tomogashima, with rich nature.

What is Tomogashima?

Tomogashima is a group of uninhabited islands located between Kada, Wakayama City, and Awajishima Island.

The ruins, which are said to be just the world of anime, scatter around the island, and have gained a lot of support from ruins lovers and anime fans.

In addition, the rich nature is one of the charms of this island, and you can enjoy outdoor activities such as camping * and fishing.
A ferry leaves from Kada Port in Wakayama City, making it a popular tourist destination in the Kansai region as an easily accessible uninhabited island.

* Camping, barbecue and bonfire on the island are prohibited for the time being from April 26, 2021 to prevent the spread of coronavirus infections.

Why does Tomogashima said to be "the world of anime"?

Tomogashima is said to be that is looks like the world of anime because of the ruins of one of the four uninhabited islands, Okinoshima.

Okinoshima is an island that was used as a fortress facility of the former Japanese army, and there are many ruins on the island that retain the remnants of those days.
It has been used since the Meiji era and was closed to the general public until the end of World War II.

The turret was demolished after the end of the war, but now the ruins and nature merge to form a unique atmosphere.
This scenery has become a hot topic and has become a popular spot for tourists.

How to go to Tomogashima

You can go to Tomogashima by ferry from Kada, Wakayama City.

You will arrive to Tomogashima in about 20 minutes from the ferry terminal at Kada Port. The number of ferries operated every day is about 6 per day at most. Kada is a tourist destination with excellent access, about 90 minutes by train from the center of Osaka.
It takes about 20 minutes from Kada to Tomogashima, so it will take about 2 hours to reach Tomogashima from Osaka.

If you leave early in the morning, you can go sightseeing on a day trip, and you can easily enjoy an extraordinary experience.

However, since it is a popular tourist spot in Kansai, you need to be careful when visiting during consecutive holidays.
Since the number of passengers on the ferry is limited, there is a risk that you will not be able to board the ferry at the time you wish.

When you visit Tomogashima on consecutive holidays, try to arrive early and get a numbered ticket.

Recommended sightseeing route of Tomogashima

Next, we will like to introduce a recommended sightseeing route starting from the pier, Nonaura Square.
If you want to enjoy the main spots of Tomogashima, it's best to take a walk mainly on the west side where the remains of each battery remain.

If you take a walk from Nonaura Square in the order of "3rd Battery Ruins", "Tomogashima Lighthouse", "1st Battery Ruins", and "2nd Battery Ruins", you will see a competition of the ruins and nature unique to Tomogashima. You can thoroughly enjoy it.
There is an observatory overlooking the sea near the 3rd Battery Ruins, so enjoy the scenery at the beautiful Kitan Strait after sightseeing the ruins.

The world of anime!? 3rd Battery Ruins

The main part of Tomogashima is the 3rd Battery Ruins. Here, we will introduce the 3rd Battery Ruins in detail.

What is the 3rd Battery Ruins - that leaves a strong impression during the war?

The 3rd Battery was built as the main battery of Tomogashima.

It can shoot 360 degrees all around, and is said to have been the main facility for the defense of the Kitan Strait.

A shell storage and a lifting device are installed in the basement of the turret, and if you go down the stairs to the basement, you can see the entire underground facility. The remains of a power plant and a guard building are left in the vicinity, and the remnants of the time when it was used as a fortress are strongly preserved.

The 3rd Battery Ruins is one of the best-preserved ruins on Tomogashima, and you can see the entire facility, but it is dark in some places.

You can use the light of your cell phone or smartphone, but the amount of light may not be enough, so if you feel uncomfortable in the dark, it is a good idea to have a flashlight.

The mythic world of the 3rd Battery Ruins

The red brick ruins suddenly appear in the mountains. The charm of the 3rd Battery Ruins is its unique atmosphere.

In the round turret ruins surrounded by a fence, the turrets are covered with vegetation overgrown, creating a very mysterious atmosphere in harmony with man-made objects and nature.

You can spend a mysterious time as if you were lost in the world of animation. The island is popular not only to anime fans but also with ruins fans and photo enthusiasts, and is visited by many tourists.

It is an extraordinary spot that is also used as a location for dramas and movies, so it is a must-see tourist destination when you visit Tomogajima. It takes about 30 minutes to thoroughly explore the entire facility.

Please visit with enough time to enjoy the 3rd Battery Ruins.

Other interesting spots of Tomogashima

There are other various interesting spots in Tomogashima besides the 3rd Battery Ruins.

One of them is Mt. Takanosu Observatory near the 3rd Battery Ruins.
It is a beautiful observatory overlooking the Kitan Strait, and is a spectacular spot overlooking the mountains in the direction of Shikoku, Rokko, and Izumi Katsuragi.
After exploring the 3rd Battery Ruins, it's a good idea to visit the Mt. Takanosu Observatory and heal yourself.

Tomogashima is also known as the southernmost point where the Japan Standard Time meridian runs.
In the western part of the island is the Meridian Square, which has a monument that indicates that 135 degrees east longitude passes.
The beautiful scenery of the vast ocean is also the real pleasure of sightseeing in Tomogashima. If you have time, please visit.

As you can see, the ruins of Tomogashima are famous, but there are many other spots to watch.
Feel free to choose how to enjoy it according to your own wishes.

If you get tired of ordinary sightseeing spots, head to Tomogashima!

On Tomogashima, the uninhabited island with abundant nature that is easily accessible from Osaka, you can enjoy the world of animation in the ruins, and you can also enjoy the outdoors such as camping and hiking.

If you are a little tired of ordinary sightseeing spots, why not visit Tomogashima?