Do you remember Osaka?

Long time no see, Osaka!

When was your last trip abroad?
It's exciting just to make a plan in your head!
While watching this lively and interesting cityscape of Osaka, let's hope that we can visit abroad next year.

Take a look of authentic OSAKA

A long time has passed since we cannot go abroad and travel – maybe wanna remember about authentic Osaka? Take a look of these photos of Namba, Osaka, the center of Osaka. I guess nothing big has changed during this year, and the good and old atmosphere still awaits for your visit.
After we can start to go traveling, definitely come here! We welcome you

Holy ground of Anime in Osaka!


Are you a lover of Japanese Anime? Then maybe you’ve heard of the name “Akihbara” – or, “Akiba”, known as the holy ground of Anime. But “Akiba” is located in Tokyo, and there isn’t any spot for anime lovers in Osaka? The answer is no – come on to “Nipponbashi”, soon from Namba station! Many shops of Japanese Anime, games and manga awaits you here. Come on and find your favorite anime here!

【How to go】
Soon from Namba sta., Nankai Railways
Nipponbashi, Naniwa, Osaka

Osaka Kizu Ichiba

Kizu Ichiba is one of the historical markets in Osaka! Established over 300 years ago, this market holds a variety of fish and fruit shops. The products sold here are gathered from all around the country, and everything here is extremely fresh!

【How to go】
Walk approx. 15 min. from Nankai Namba sta.

Huge lion in Namba!?

Namba Yasaka Shrine

Walking along the big city of Namba, you might approach to a creepy being – the Shishiden (the Lion Hall). 12 m high and 7 m long, this huge sacred lion opens it’s mouth and calls in luck for victory and money. Actually, the eyes are lights and the nose is a speaker - how modern it is! If you're lucky enough, you might see it's glowing eyes.

【How to go】
6 min walk from Namba sta, Nankai Railways
2-9-19, Motomachi, Naniwa, Osaka