Rediscover the charms of Shin Sekai and Nishinari

Downtown Osaka"Shin Imamiya Area"Vol3. Sento&Walking

In Shin-Imamiya, there are public bathes that retains the old-fashioned atmosphere that is closely related to the area.
Hot spring facilities are attached to some accommodation facilities. Morning baths are also available at most facilities.

Know more about Public Bathes

"Relax and recover from fatigue by soaking in the bath“- actually, this custom was born in the modern days.
There are various theories about the etymology of “furo (bath)", but in the old days, it was a so-called steam bath (currently a sauna) that used a “muro (room)" made of stone or soil and was heated by steam. The theory that the word "furo" was born from this "muro" is famous.
It is said that the custom of taking a steam bath was popular until the early Edo period, and changed to the custom to get soaked in hot water.

Knowledge about Yuya (bathhouses)

・ “Furoya" and “Yuya"
It is said that it was from the early Edo period that the custom to soak into a bathtub was filled with hot water has started. These facilities that collected Yuzeni (bathing fee) for business were called "yuya" or "sento". Although the origins of “furo" and "yu (ya)" were different from the beginning, they have been confused with the development of "sento", and they are now called Furoya in Kamigata (Osaka) and Yuya/Sento in Edo (Tokyo).

・ "Sento" and “Onsen (hot spring)”
As the name suggests, "sento" is a public bath that "rents hot water and takes money", and is artificially made by boiling water in a boiler. In the old days, it was also called "yuya" or “furoya".
“Onsen" are basically hot springs or gas that spring from nature, and the components of hot springs include sulfur and iron, and they have various effects.

Q: Why do Japanese put a towel on their head in a public bath or hot spring??

This manner of not putting towels in the bathtub is not only an old Japanese culture and theft prevention, but there is also a scientific basis!
If you feel comfortable and soak in hot water for a long time, your head may become fluffy and you may feel sick. This is the so-called "bath reaction". This is because your blood pressure rises and you get more blood in your head than you need. Actually, the towel on your head has the effect of preventing " bath reaction ". Lightly squeeze a towel moistened with cold water, place it on your head and cool it to prevent to much blood going to your head. There is usually a basis for what the ancestors did.

Open from 6am every morning, sauna and soft water public bath

Irifune Onsen

Passing through the curtains, there is a lobby where you can feel the warmth of wood, a courtyard and a small tatami mat space. Passing through the noren(curtains) next to the reception, there is a Showa retro dressing room. The Finnish sauna also offers auf goose (heat wave) service at the auto löyly. When you leave the sauna room, you will find a soft water bath at 15 ℃. The bathtub, shower, and faucet in the bathroom are all soft water, which is said to be gentle on hair and skin and have a beautiful skin effect.
* Scheduled to be reopened in the spring of 2022!

1-6-3, Haginochaya, Nishinari, Osaka 
Business hours
(*Reception closes 30 minutes before closing)
Tue-Fri 6:00~11:00   15:00~23:00
Sat/Sun 6:00~24:00
Regular holiday
Entrance fee
Adult 490 yen Junior High School Students 350 yen 
Elementary School Students 200 yen
Children(Under Kindergarten)100 yen
Apx. 3 min from “Shin-Imamiya”sta, Nankai Railways

Morning bath starts at 6 am. Soft water sento at Tennoji, Osaka.


Go through the noren curtains and go to the nostalgic watch stand.
Jazz is played in the dressing room, and the powerful art work ,"108 Koi“, on the ceiling is worth a visit. The main bathtub is Kansai style with the bathtub in the center. Not only hot water and bathtub, but also showers and faucets use soft water that has a good reputation for beautiful skin. You can enjoy Mt. Fuji lava sauna in 7 kinds of baths with abundant variations.

2-7-9, Sannou, Nishinari, Osaka  
Business hours
(Tue) 11:00~23:00 
Regular holiday
Entrance fee
Adult  490 yen *Older than High school students
Junior High School Students 350 yen
Elementary School Students  200 yen
Child(0 years old -Kindergarten) 100 yen
Apx. 12 min from “Haginochaya”sta, Nankai Railways

Garden open-air bath in the city

Ofuroya Wako

Ofuroya Wako has a wide variety of bathes, from open-air garden baths to salt baths from the Dead Sea and sterling silver ion baths. We most recommend the open-air garden bath where you can stretch your legs.
The artificial carbonated spring has an outstanding hot spring effect. In the Dead Sea salt bath, minerals permeate directly from the skin, and it has a reputation for lively skin cells. It is the best public bath for people who want to refresh their mind and body.

1-7-6, Sannou, Nishinari, Osaka  
Business hours
Regular holiday
Entrance fee
Adult  490 yen * Older than Junior High School
Elementary School Students  200 yen
Child 100 yen 
①Apx. 8 min from “Shin-Imamiya”sta,
Nankai Railways
②Apx. 6 min from “Tennouji-Ekimae”sta, Hankai Railways

Recommended Course, Walk and Eat around the town of Art

Rediscover the charms of Shin Sekai and Nishinari

To play around the city all day long, check out this model course, including the area around Tsutenkaku.

[9:00~]Start from the Shin-Imamiya Station 5 min walk

①GOOD MORNING at a Retro Café

Start a healthy day by enjoying a homemade breakfast at a pure coffee shop with a retro atmosphere!

[10:30〜]2 min walk from ①

②Wonderful Market

Shin-sekai market with a history of over 100 years.
Enjoy "Shinsekai Night Market" held every Saturday night and "Bright Black Market" held every Sunday at noon

[11:00〜]3 min walk from ②

③Watch Osaka from Tsutenkaku

Overlook Osaka from Tsutenkaku / Tenbo Paradise.
The TOWER SLIDE with a total length of 60m is scheduled to open around 2022 GW.

[12:00〜]3 min walk from ③


A hidden and rare scenery that can be taken by using the reflection of the wall of Spa World.

[13:00〜]3 min walk from ④

⑤Play ”National Treasure Level” Rare Games

[14:00〜]2 min walk from ⑤

⑥Hot Kushikatsu

Local gourmet that represents Shin Sekai. Eat and compare the hot and delicious specialties of each restaurant.

[15:00〜]9 min walk from ⑥

⑦Rest by Sento

[16:00〜]6 min walk from ⑦


It is no exaggeration to say that Hormone, Nishinari's soul food, is perfect for walking around.

[17:00〜]2 min walk from ⑧

⑨Hotel Toyo

Hotel Toyo attracts backpackers from all over the world. There is a common room so that you can interact with each other, and it is a space where you can talk about various trips.

What's more?

Chinchin Train

The only tram in Osaka prefecture, nicknamed "Chinchin Train". It has been a part of the town for about 100 years since 1884.

Come to see the Local festival!

Only in Kansai – “Touka-Ebisu” that brings Luck

A festival called “Touka-Ebisu” is held every year. The god “Ebisu”, which is part of the name of the shrine, is said to be a god that preside over fishery, thriving businesses, and bumper crops, and the god here at Imamiyaebisu shrine is said to especially preside over the businesses of Osaka.

How to go
1.Soon from Imamiyaebisu sta., Nankai Koya line 2. 5 min walk to the west from Ebisu-cho sta., Hankai Railways 3.10 min walk to the north from JR Shin-Imamiya sta., of change trains to Nankai Koya line and drop off at Imamiyaebisu sta.
〒556-0003 1-6-10, Ebisu nishi, Naniwa, Osaka, Osaka

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