Which do you prefer, retro or modern?

Retro or Modern – Wakayama Seaside Area

Wakayama locates at south of well-known Osaka, embraced by the nature, here you can discover both mountain and ocean views. If you land at the Kansai International Airport, Wakayama would be a quite easy-going place by riding the Nankai Railway Main Line. Wakayama is famous for its seafood, history, sceneries and local food. Let's see some past and present photos of this wonderful place!

Nankai Ferry

The photo shows Nankai Shikoku Line's "Kiimaru" which debuted as "Japan's largest vehicle ferry" in December 1964.
The cabin was equipped with air-conditioning systems, hall, canteen, etc. Originally owned by Nankai Kisen (Steamboat), it was not released until the establishment of a new company, Nankai Ferry, in 1975. It was officially decommissioned in July 1986, with a service time of about 20 years.

The ferry in the color photo is the new ship "Ferry Ai (Love)" that was unveiled in previous years. The vehicle ferry manufactured by the shipbuilding company Sanoyasu has a barrier-free design such as elevators in the cabin, and LED lighting is used everywhere to save electricity and protect the environment. Part of the area has a female-only area, as well as a powder room and a nursing room. It can be said to provide passengers with a more comfortable sailing service. It is expected to convey the intimate "love" in the name of the ship.

Isonoura station

Isonoura sta. opened in 1912 when the Kada Light Railroad opened." Isonoura ", which is the origin of the station name, is a coast right in front of the station, and the sea spreads out in front of you as soon as you pass through the ticket gate.
It is one of the best surfing spots in Kansai, and crowded with many surfers. The photo shows a person heading to the station with a surfboard in his hand.
Renovation work on the roof and walls of the station building began in December 2019, and the service started on July 17, 2020. Considering the location close to the beach, the roof has been changed to blue so that it blends in with the surrounding environment.

How to go
Isonoura station, Nankai Railways

Changes of the brown

Any guess where this is?

This full brown station is Wakayamashi station, made in 1973. You can see that the Nankai symbol mark is the old type -silver, and the opposite side!

The retro station architecture has now changed into a modern wooden touched station – and the inside has transformed into a wonderful modern library, shopping center full of graces from Wakayama, and a hotel you can enjoy the beautiful view of Kinokawa river.

How to go
Wakayamashi station, Nankai Railways

Reborn hotel

Around 1935, at a small island "Nakanoshima" located at the entrance of Katsuura Bay,
the owner of the island started a two-story wooden hot spring inn with more than 10 rooms.

The photo shows the wooden main building and the double-decker building around 1961.
After that, the name was changed to "Hotel Nakanoshima".

The next is the current photo. Kumano-bettei NAKANOSHIMA is a special and only accommodation laying on the island. The panoramic view of the ocean from the open-air hot spring here is amazing- the turquoise colored water will definitely make you feel like you are floating in the sky.

How to go
6 min walk from JR Kii Katsuura station to Nakanoshima meeting room.
Nakanoshima is a special accommodation, reached only by vessels.
*Boarding passes will be handed at the Nakanoshima meeting room. Please be sure to show it upon boarding.
1179-9, Katsuura, Nachikatsuuracho, Higashimurogun, Wakayama