Locals favorite food in Shin-imamia area

Recommended food in Shin-imamia, a famous local area in Osaka.

Local specialties are always necessary for sightseeing! Here are 3 must-try restaurants in Shin-imamia area!

Kushikatsu, Eat and compare the Specialtys

Kushikatsu is a speciality of Shin Sekai that is a must eat in Osaka – the city of “Kuidaore (eat until you fall)”.

Kushikatsu is a Japanese gourmet that is made by sticking meat and vegetables on a skewer, battering it, and fried it in oil. Ingredients and eating styles may differ depending on the region.

The most famous birth story of Kushikatsu is that it was born in Shin Sekai, where Tsutenkaku is located, from the late Taisho era to the early Showa era.

New and Clean

Kushikatsu Oji Janjan Yokocho

"Kushikatsu Oji Janjan Yokocho Store" opened in April 2020. It is a Kushikatsu restaurant in Shin Sekai "Janjan Yokocho".

The interior of the store is spacious and accommodates a wide range of seats, from couples to table seats where families with children can sit. The menu can be ordered not only individually but also as set menus.

It is a new kushikatsu restaurant that we can highly recommend.

Business hours  
Regular holiday
3-2-22, Ebisu Higashi, Naniwa, Osaka
Apx. 10 min from “Shin-Imamiya”sta, Nankai Railways

Hormone, Soulfood of Nishinari

Before WW2, there was a slaughterhouse near Shin-Imamiya. First, offal of beef and pork were “horu (thrown away)", but later they were processed and eaten as ingredients of delicious meals. The etymology of "hormone" is famously derived from “horu mone (things thrown away)", but there are various other theories.

Hormone store by wholesaler

Hormone Teppanyaki Stand HANAKO

"Horumon Teppanyaki Stand Hanako" is a popular restaurant with a bright and clean atmosphere that is easy for women to enter, with a red sign as a landmark. The shop is a stand, so it's a good idea to stop by when you feel like you want to have a drink. In addition to grilled hormones, "motsuni" and "kasu udon" are also popular.
Some people stop by for dinner.

Business hours  
[Mon, Wed, Thu, Fri]
Regular holiday
2-9-24, Tachibana, Nishinari, Osaka
Apx. 3 min from “Nishi-Tengachaya”sta, Nankai Railways
Apx. 10 min from “Tengachaya”sta, Nankai Railways

Retro Coffee Shops Loved by the Locals

The location of docomo CM starring Issei Takahashi!

Cafe Brother

"Cafe Brother" on Tsutenkaku Boulevard is a small coffee shop with a frontage that you might inadvertently pass by, but you will be attracted to the showcase where the product samples at the entrance are lined up. Inside the store is a relaxing retro space with small tables lined up.
The menu includes light meals such as omelet rice and curry rice, as well as desserts such as pancakes. This is the location of NTT DoCoMo's commercial, and the sign of "Issei Takahashi" who was appearing is displayed.

Business hours  
(Week days) 8: 00-17: 00 / (Saturday and Sunday) 8: 00-18:00
Regular holiday
1-14-16 Ebisuhigashi, Naniwa-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka
Approximately 7 minutes on foot from Nankai Electric Railway "Shin-Imamiya Station" (Nankai Main Line) or approximately 6 minutes on foot from "Imamiyaebisu Station" (Nankai-Koya Line)