Rapi:t Digital Ticket on sale!

Rapi:t Digital Ticket, convenient and money-saving for travelling between Namba Station and Kansai Airport Station!

Rapi:t Digital Ticket is a convenient and money-saving ticket for traveling between Namba Station and Kansai Airport Station!
Smartly purchased from your smartphone without lining up at the ticket counter! Get on the train easily and smoothly.

You can purchase Rapi:t digital tickets in advance, so you can plan your trip without queuing at the counter at Kansai Airport Station!

Price ¥1,300 (adults only)
One-way ticket + express train Rapi:t express ticket (regular seat only)
Usual price: Passenger ticket ¥970 + express ticket ¥520 = ¥1,490 (approximately 13% off)

Available station
Kansai Airport Station⇔Namba Station/Shin-Imamiya Station/Tengachaya Station/Sakai Station

*Click here to purchase (Smartphone only)(URL:https://plate.id/LpuETUB7

Rapi:t Digital Ticket

How to buy and use the ticket

1. Purchase from the purchase page below.(URL:https://plate.id/LpuETUB7
2. Specify an Express train Rapi:t seat on your smartphone.
3. Hold the QR code displayed on your smartphone over a designated ticket gate and board Express train Rapi:t.                                       
If you are traveling with a group of people, such as a family,You can use the "Distribution function" that allows the representative to distribute multiple tickets purchased at once to another party by sharing the URL via email, SNS, etc.



●To use the passenger ticket, you need to specify the date and time you are boarding the express train, the train you are boarding, and the seat. Specify these from the ticket wallet displayed after you make the purchase.
●The seat can be secured until five minutes before the train departs the departing station.
●This ticket is valid for one month from the day after the date of purchase. Once the ticket expires no refund will be made even if the ticket is unused
●Use a designated ticket gate for Nankai Digital Ticket. The ticket cannot be used at stations/exits with no designated ticket gate.
●Only regular seats can be reserved. They cannot be changed to super seats.
●If you cannot display the ticket because you have lost your mobile phone, or your mobile phone is broken or out of battery, the ticket cannot be reissued or refunded.