Let’s take a look at Japanese riding etiquette.

Manners at stations and on trains

Each country has its own manners at stations and on trains. In this issue, we will introduce Japanese train manners that you may be interested in!

Manners in the station

Line up and allow ample time for boarding

Please cooperate in boarding in line. Interrupting a ride can cause problems between passengers.

Please do not rush to board the bus. It may cause injuries or accidents.

Beautification of station premises

Please help us beautify the station. Please dispose of unneeded newspapers, magazines, empty cans, etc. in the station's trash bin.

Please do not play with roller shoes, scooter, etc.

No smoking all day

In response to customer requests for a total smoking ban and the Health Promotion Law's provision that "managers of facilities used by large numbers of people have an obligation to make efforts to take measures to prevent passive smoking," we have banned smoking in all stations and removed ashtrays from all stations since April 1, 2011.

Please refrain from using electric heated cigarettes and electronic cigarettes from the viewpoint of good manners and preventing problems between customers.

Manners on the train

Use of cell phones

Please set your phone to silent mode and refrain from talking on the train. It may cause trouble between passengers.

Please turn off your cell phone in crowded areas near priority seats. It may affect implantable medical devices.

When riding in a paid express train, please set your phone to silent mode in advance and talk on the deck.

Priority seating and yielding

Priority seating is provided in each car for elderly and physically disabled passengers.

Please give your seat to someone who needs it.

Please be respectful of each other's seats. We ask for your cooperation in seating as many passengers as possible.

Large baggages, etc.

In crowded trains, please be considerate of your baggage so as not to inconvenience other passengers.

No smoking all day

Smoking is prohibited on trains throughout the day. Smoking is not permitted on trains.

Please refrain from using electric heated cigarettes and electronic cigarettes as well, in the interest of good manners and to prevent problems between passengers.