Barbecue @ SnowPeak

Barbecue with a Superb view at Rinku Town

Did you know that you can enjoy barbecue while watching the superb sea view at Snow Peak in the Rinku Premium Outlets near at Rinku Town Station? After playing in nearby spots in the morning, I enjoyed barbecue at noon. I recommended this activity for those who want to challenge outdoors but have not been able to take a step forward. Please check it!

A park where you can play with playground equipment supervised by Bornelund

Before lunch, I went to "Sennan Long Park" where children's favorite playground equipment is located, about 20 minutes by train from Rinku Town. You will arrive at Sennan Long Park after about a 15-minute walk (a little longer for children) from Tarui Station on the Nankai Railway. In the community area here, there is a playground equipment supervised by Bornelund, but unfortunately it was a bad weather when I visited, so it was only us. It is usually crowded with many children.

It is an original playground equipment designed so that small children can play with peace of mind. The blue areas are soft.

It's interesting to find out where it leads. I was yelling "hey" looking for an exit. Please try looking for it.

Swinging at the Tarzan rope while looking at the sea feels outstanding. It is a location that makes children smile.

There is an observatory next to the Tarzan Rope. You can see Sennan Marble Beach from here. You can also see Kansai International Airport, and you can watch the planes taking off and landing.

The fountain starts at 10am. Children will have fun when they find the fountain and will forget themselves and jump into it, so don't forget to prepare extra clothes. There are no toilets or places to change clothes nearby, so bring a large towel. I think it would be convenient to have parasols or hats for sun protection, as there are few shadows around.

We played a lot and got hungry, so we took the Nankai train and moved to Rinku Town Station.

Arrive at Rinku Premium Outlets Seaside

After a 15-minute walk from Nankai Railway's Rinku Town Station, you will arrive at the Snow Peak located on Rinku Premium Outlet. This time the barbecue was held at the mobile house "Jyubako" developed by architect Kengo Kuma and Snow Peak. Jyubako is a box that allows people to live freely and is movable. Since I was shown the inside specially, let me introduce it.

A box that allows you to live freely "Jyubako"

Snow Peak Osaka Rinku has 5 residential boxes. It is the only location of "Jyubako" where the sea can be seen all over the country. Also, you can stay with your pet in onee of them. Now let's go inside.

Here is how it looks inside. Chairs, tables, beds are installed, and there is even an air conditioner. You can use it comfortably regardless of the weather. The large bed is the perfect size for 2 adults, and an extra bed can accommodate up to 3 adults. It seems that up to 2 children under elementary school age can use it.

There was also a washbasin, a refrigerator, and an electric kettle. There was a Snow Peak mug and a coffee dripper, so you can enjoy an elegant coffee time.

There was also a towel in the set for making hot sandwiches for breakfast. Restrooms and showers are just around the corner.

You can see the sea from the window next to the bed. It seems that you can sit on this deck, so you can spend a relaxing time.

The long-awaited barbecue starts!

After completing the reception at the Snow Peak store, the barbecue starts.

The staff at the store will start the fire for you.

Carefully selected ingredients are brought one after another. Being able to have a barbecue empty-handed is a real blessing for families with children.

There were also rice balls. You can eat them as they are or grill them.

The tableware was from Snow Peak, and I got excited!

It was wonderful that I only had to grill what I want to eat. On this day, a 0-year-old baby also joined the table, and she was enjoying together.

My daughter skillfully put the sauce on the rice ball, and it turned out to be a delicious grilled rice ball.

A stylish drink that my children did not part with. Add carbonated water to frozen fruit. You can just have the fruit without adding water, and enjoy it as a desert.

Woderful Location

It's great that the sea is just in front of you, and in addition, since Kansai International Airport is close, you can see planes and trains heading to the airport. My son, who loves trains, was happy to see the trains saying, "Thats Rapi:t" and "Thats the Airport Express."

With the sea behind you, you can see the Ferris wheel and feel like you are at an amusement park.

There is a playground nearby which the children enjoyed very much. This playground equipment was very cute with animals drawn on it.

It will be nice to have a barbecue and take a nap here.

Recommended Plan

Every day until September 30, 2023 *There are exceptions
Nankai Electric Railway whole line 1-day free ticket
Barbecue on the terrace of the mobile house "Jyubako" (with ingredients and equipment)
*In case of rain, the food will be prepared and served at the attached restaurant of Snow Peek.
*(1) 12:00-15:00 (2) 16:00-19:00
Please choose either time to enjoy barbeque.
*You cannot enter the mobile house.

A great set of one drink service is on sale.
Adult 6,980 yen
Child (elementary school student) 4,380 yen
For application and details, please visit this site. (JP only)


After playing in Sennan Long Park, the barbecue on the terrace of the mobile house "Jyubako" turned out to be a fun day for both children and adults. Traveling by train is a bit far, so small children should be fully prepared before heading out. I think it's safe to have a change of clothes.

Please enjoy a easy and wonderful barbecue this summer.