What is Kizu Wholesale Market?

What is Kizu Wholesale Market? A Comprehensive Guide to its Attractions and Access Methods.

"Kizu Wholesale Market" is a privately-owned local wholesale market boasting the largest scale in Japan. It's abundant with local gourmet delights, and it even hosts morning markets, making it a charming place where you can take a breather in the bath. In this article, we will introduce the features and access methods of the Kizu Wholesale Market.

Kizu Wholesale Market

Kizu Wholesale Market is a privately-owned wholesale market located in Osaka's Minami (southern) district. It boasts the largest scale among privately-owned local wholesale markets in Japan and has a history that spans over 300 years. Its roots can be traced back to the Heian period, and it has long been known as the representative market of Osaka, "the city of gourmet indulgence," supporting the lives of its citizens.

Today's Kizu Wholesale Market is a comprehensive commercial facility consisting of a wholesale market, commercial supermarkets, bathing facilities, and dining areas. It is home to approximately 140 wholesale dealers and related businesses in seafood, produce, and more.

In 2022, it became the first local wholesale market to be certified by the Agency for Cultural Affairs as a "Food Culture Museum." It is not only a place for dining and shopping but also a facility that engages in food culture experiences and education, making it a popular destination for tourists from both within Japan and around the world.

Go by Train
About 6 minutes on foot from Nankai Koya Line "Imamiya Ebisu" Station.
About 12 minutes on foot from Nankai Main Line "Namba" Station.

Features of the wholesale market

In the north building's 1st floor "Wholesale Market," approximately 135 wholesale businesses are arranged in blocks within a compact space measuring about 83 meters north to south and 75 meters east to west. The feature of Kizu Wholesale Market is the grid-like aisles intersecting at right angles, making it convenient for shopping and browsing.

Furthermore, in the south building's 1st floor, you'll find "Shokuzai Center ODA," offering a wide range of fresh food products, including business-use ingredients as well as seafood, meat, and fruits for general customers. They also have a variety of cooking utensils.

Inside, you may come across unique and reasonably priced items that you wouldn't find in regular supermarkets!

Enjoying gourmet delights in the food zone

Located on the east side under the Hanshin Expressway near Kizu Wholesale Market, "Kizumachi Yokocho '○-En-'" is a gourmet zone that opened in 2013. The name "○-En-" carries meanings of "connections" between people and gatherings or "banquets."

Here, you can savor a variety of dishes made from fresh and diverse ingredients unique to Kizu Wholesale Market, including seafood and meat.

Taking a relaxing break in the bath

On the 2nd floor of the south building of Kizu Wholesale Market, there is a bathing facility called "Yugenko Taihei no Yu."

The concept of "Yugenko Taihei no Yu" is "an exquisite oasis to forget the city." The baths offer a variety of options, including open-air baths with pleasant natural breezes and "carbonated springs" traditionally used in European medical treatments. In addition to the standard sauna, there is also a stone bath that focuses on beauty and health.

At the dining area, you can find a menu featuring fresh ingredients delivered daily from Kizu Market. It's a delightful facility to take a break during your exploration.

Kizu Morning Market

The feature of Kizu Wholesale Market includes the hosting of a morning market. Kizu Wholesale Market holds the "Kizu Morning Market" every month on the 2nd and last Saturday from 9 am to noon.

The Kizu Morning Market offers a variety of unique activities such as tours where you can experience the auctions and lucky draws with chances to win premium ingredients.

Whether you're with your family or your partner, the Kizu Morning Market is an enjoyable experience that's worth waking up early for.

Savor Osaka's cuisine at Kizu Wholesale Market!

In this article, we introduced the features and access methods of Kizu Wholesale Market. With its rich history of supporting Osaka's culinary scene, the most appealing aspect of Kizu Wholesale Market is the opportunity to discover fresh ingredients. If you wake up early and head to the morning market, enjoy a delicious lunch, and then relax at "Yugenko Taihei no Yu," you can have a comfortable and fulfilling day. We encourage you to visit Kizu Wholesale Market and savor Osaka's cuisine.