Sightseeing Information (Kada)

The Train that colors the town of Kada

Do you know 4 breams are swimming along the road from Wakayamashi station to Kada station? The colorful 4 run the “Kada Sakana Line”, across the green mountains and along the marine blue ocean.
These trains are called “Medetai Train”, meaning “A train with happiness”. Actually in Japanese, “Mede” has a meaning of “love”, and “tai” means bream. Breams are a specialty of Kada!
Mother “Sachi”, Father “Kai”, their child “Nana”, and “Sachi”'s brother “Kashira” are their names. Today we`ll introduce you about the cute and unique 4 “Medetai Train”!

The mother full of heart


The pink and cute “Medetai Train” is called Sachi, and is the mother. Sachi is full of hearts. Take a look outside, and you will find a heart shaped scale!
After you walk inside her, you will find that Sachi is full of hearts and breams. Hold on to the fish shaped straps, and enjoy your journey on the train.
Tons of breams are also on the seats! If you carefully look at them, you may find tiny hearts here too. Take a try!

The father full of the blessings from the sea


The luminous light blue “Medetai Train” is Kai, the father of the family. His name, Kai, means the ocean in Japanese. As his name represents, the watery blue interior is full of the blessings from the sea.
When going inside Kai and gazing at the sea creature shaped straps and seaweed above your head, the sea waves and creatures on the seats, you shall feel like diving inside the deep ocean.
Look down at the door at the moment it closes or opens, and you will find octopuses going inside traps and tiny fishes being eaten! Try riding on the fins and surfing boards on the floor and fully feel the sea.

The child that brings us fortune


The sparkling red “Medetai Train” is Nana, the child. Nana is the child between Sachi and Kai, a couple connected with fate. “Medetai Train” connects the many fates, including themselves and the fate between them and you!
On the seats of Nana, you will find “The graces of the 7 stations of Kada Sakana line”, fishes and “Ohinasama”, which are dolls used to celebrate Japanese girls. Colorful fishes made by “Mizuhiki”, that are decorative Japanese cords made from twisted paper and used at Japanese celebrations are hanging down from the ceiling. On the driver’s seat, a “Manekineko”, a cat that invites people, is sitting down. A ladder lottery that tells your fortune is lying down on the floor!
Hop on to Nana, full of Japanese lucky charms, and become lucky!

Exciting, like a treasure hunting adventure


The fourth color of the tram is a new companion. The cool black snapper tram is called "Kashira".
Inside Kashira, which has traveled all over the ocean, there are countless treasures to be discovered. Inside the train, you can see the crew playing music and music scores.

Designed with the theme of music, treasure and adventure, the car is filled with festive objects and decorations.

Ride the cool snapper train and enjoy your treasure hunting adventure to Kada!

What grace can you earn?

The 7 stations of Kada Sakana line

Enjoy the scenery outside the “Medetai Train”.
Actually, there are graces hidden in the 7 stations of the Kada Sakana line. Each station has the mark that represents the graces, so try guessing what grace each station holds.

The Shrine for Women

Awashima shrine

After riding on “Medetai Train”, you arrive to a town called Kada.
Kada is a small town near the sea, and was known as a town of fishermen.
At here, you can enjoy the blessings from the sea like breams, bathe inside hot springs while watching the glorious sight of the ocean, and pray at a Japanese shrine for fulfilling love.
Especially, Awashima shrine is a very unique place. Once you go inside, you will see countless dolls! This is the place where the dolls that have finished their own roles are thanked and prayed for their last moment. Try praying here.

How to go
1. From Namba station (Nankai Railways)
Ride the Limited Express Southern to Wakayamashi station for apx.60 mins, change trains to the Kada line. After dropping off at Kada station, walk for 18 mins.
2. From Kansai-Airport station
Ride the Airport Line to Izumisano station, change trains to the Limited Express Southern and ride to Wakayamashi station for apx.30 mins. Change trains to the Kada line. After dropping off at Kada station, walk for 18 mins.

Laputa, the Castle in the Sky

Tomogashima, from Miyama Remains of the 1st Gun Battery

Around Kada, remains of fortresses and gun batteries remain. The Miyama Remains of the 1st Gun Battery was a part of the Yura fortress built in the Meiji era along with the Tomogashima district and Awajishima island. This place was protecting Osaka Bay, and the fortress of Tomogashima is especially famous from its large size. Batteries and defenses that were built then still remain.

640-0102, Wakayama, Wakayama
How to go
Walk 15 mins from Kada station (Nankai Railways) and go to the ferry stop of Kada bay. Ride on “Tomogashima Kisen”, and arrive to Tomogashima by apx. 20 min.

Taste Sushi and Seafood

Living Fish Dishes Inasa

You can enjoy seafood dishes that uses living fishes just from Kada bay. “Living Fish Dishes Inasa” stands by the road along the sea to Awashima shrine. Kada bay, that is famous for fishing breams with a pole, is in front of the restaurant, so you can try fresh fishes from the best season that have just been fished from the ocean.

196, Kada, Wakayama, Wakayama
Working Hours
11:00 A.M. ~ 10:00 P.M.
(L.O.9:00 P.M.)
Regular Closing Days
Tuesday (Open for holidays)
How to go
10 mins walk from Kada station (Nankai Railways)

The closest spot for surfing from Osaka

Isonoura Beach

On the northern tip of Wakayama, Isonoura beach which is next to Osaka is a rare sandy beach close to big cities in Kansai district. Isonoura is famous for its shelving bottom and is a popular surfing spot. When it becomes the season for sea bathing, you can enjoy both surfing and sea bathing since the areas are divided.
Also, at Café Glück which is near the ocean, you can enjoy “Rainbow Toast”! The rainbow toast tastes a bit sweet, and has colorful toppings. Take a try!

Isonoura, Wakayama, Wakayama
How to go
(1) (By Train) 20 mins by train from Wakayamashi station, soon in front of Isonoura station (Kada Line, Nankai Railways)
(2) (By Car) Use Route 24 from Wakayama IC, go west by prefectural road No.7 for apx. 40 min
(3) (By Car) Use Hanwa Expressway, Wakayama North IC, go west by prefectural road No.7 for apx. 40 min

To explore Kada, shared bicycles are recommended.

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