Let’s Explore the Stations along the Path to Koyasan – Koyasan Station, Gokurakubashi Station

The journey to Koyasan is also delightful. Let's explore the station buildings - Koyasan Station, Gokurakubashi Station

Koyasan, with its solemn atmosphere throughout the seasons, is a place where you can experience a refreshing sense of purification for both body and mind, especially if you visit at the beginning of the new year. Whether it's for your first visit to Koyasan or a spontaneous stop at stations rarely visited, consider venturing into the extraordinary world for a mental break and seeking serenity.

Gateway to the Pilgrimage to Koyasan

Koyasan Station

Koyasan Station, which is also the gateway to the pilgrimage to Koyasan, is a historic station building registered as a tangible cultural property by the national government in 2005.

Apart from its distinctive exterior reminiscent of a Buddhist temple, the second-floor waiting room is a must-visit. The Showa retro space, adorned with plastered walls and round windows, features an exhibition corner showcasing historical Koya Line train cars and books related to Koyasan, providing a leisurely opportunity to immerse yourself in memories of your journey.

Moreover, the panoramic view from the observation room at the back is truly breathtaking. Take the time to appreciate the unique scenery visible only from the mountaintop, including a sweeping view of the surrounding mountains.

The Holy Land of Beginnings

Gokurakubashi Station

Gokurakubashi Station, an interchange station between Nankai Electric Railway and the Koyasan Cable Car, is known as the "Holy Land of Beginnings." The name originates from "Gokuraku Bridge," which is believed to separate the sacred realm of Koyasan from the secular world.

Upon descending at the station and heading into the premises, you'll encounter solemn and ornate decorations everywhere. From ceiling murals depicting animals and plants dwelling in paradise to "Gokuraku Tori no Negai Kakeha" (Gokuraku Bird's Wish-Granting Feather), where wishes are written on paper resembling feathers of paradise birds, the station evokes a sense of purity for both the mind and body.

Whether you're someone ready to take a new step or someone looking to welcome the new year with a joyful heart, consider visiting the "Holy Land of Beginnings, Gokurakubashi," at the beginning of the year.