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“Burari Healthy” is the name of Hiking courses full of wonder walking through mountains, towns, recommended and hidden spots along the roads of Nankai Railways. To support your health, we will introduce you “Recommended by heads of Nankai stations! Burari walking: Find out more about the stations of Nankai!”Let’s become more healthy while enjoying the charms of nature.

Recommended by the head of Izumisano sta.

The town where you can find the airport across the sea

(10 km): Izumisano sta., Nankai Railways →Start【Under the rails of Izumisano sta.】→A【Kotarina】→B【Kitashouji Syuzouten (Sake brewer) 】→C【Tiramissimo】→D【Izumisano Brewing】 →End【Under the rails of Izumisano sta.】

Let’s start our 10 km journey with a map in our hands. As you walk along the streets, you can find exhibitions of Senshu Towels (one of the best towels made in Japan), fresh vegetables and fruits from Hannan Seika and direct sales stores of JA Osaka Senshu.

Recommended by the head of Hashimoto sta.

Let’s walk Kudoyama, the place connected to Yukimura Sanada, the Sengoku warrior!

(7 km): Kudoyama sta., Nankai Railways, Koya line →Start【Before Kudoyama sta.】→A【Sanada Ikoi goya】→B【Sanada Kofun (ancient tombs of Sanada / the secret pass of Sanada) 】→C【Kudoyama/Sanada Museum】→D【Kakinosato Kudoyama】 →E【Shouriji Temple】 →F【Niukanshoubu Shrine】 →G【Gisonin Temple】 →End【Kudoyama sta.】

 The town of Kudoyama, Wakayama is a place connected with Yukimura Sanada, a Japanese warrior. Yukimura Sanada was ordered by Ieyasu Tokugawa to stay at Koyasan since he fought by the side that lost at the battle of Sekigahara with his father. There are many facilities related to him in Kudoyama, for example “Kudoyama/Sanada Museum” that introduces the life of Yukimura and the old house he has once lived, Sanada-an.
 Jisonin Temple was a main part of Koyasan that done a part of the general affairs. It is also called “Nyonin Koya (Koya for women)” since the mother of Kukai, the founder of Koyasan, had stayed here. Women were forbided to enter Koyasan, so women came up to Jisonin instead. Jisonin is a part of the world heritage site with the road that connects to Koyasan, Chouishimchi, nearby.
In the middle of the road, you can find Kakinosato Kudoyama, a great place to rest. You can enjoy persimmon bread and ice cream that uses the great persimmons from Kudoyama. Try a bite!

With Semboku Rapid Railway

Walk to Hamadera Park under the autumn sky

(9 km): Fukai sta., Semboku Rapid Railway →Start A【Mizugaike Park】→B【Nonomiya Shrine】→C【K Fukai Hana no Komichi (little road of flowers) 】→【Suzunomiya Park】 →D【Ebara Oike park】 →E【Ohtori Taisha】 →F【Kobayashi Art museum】 →End【Hagoromo sta., Nankai Railways】

Mizugaike is a large lake which is 5m deep, and has an 800m bank. This lake is located apx. 2 min Fukai sta. Birds stop by the lake, and you can spend a relaxing slow time while sitting on a bench. If you keep walking from here, you will find Nonomiya Shrine, Hachita Shrine and Myojin Taisha.

Nonomiya Shrine was once lost because of wars in the past, and it has moved to where it is now. Tokohaka no Mori, inside the shrine, is selected as protected trees by Sakai city.

Hachita Shrine is also called Suzunomiya. This is because in the past, Suzu (bells) were used as a tool for telling the future at this shrine.

Inside Myojin Taisha, a shrine that is said to especially have strong powers around this area, there are many traditional architecture made by the classic style, “Ohtori zukuri”.

How about walking around this area full of history?

Recommended by the head of Sakai sta.

Walk around the town by Osaka Bay in Sakai Bay Area

(10KM):Sakai sta., Nankai Railways >Start A【Ohama Park】>B【Old Sakai Lighthouse】>C【Tatekawa Suimon】>D【Statue of the Dragon Goddess】>E【Sampo Park】>F【Sakai City Traditional Crafts Museum】>G【Aguchi Shrine】>H【Sakai Fishery Cooperative】>【Ohama Park】End

Sakai is located in south-central Osaka, and is the 2nd largest city in Osaka by population and area. Sakai was once the base of foreign trade with China and the western countries, and is still developing.

Sakai is full of tradition and history. The first World Heritage site in Osaka, the Mozu-Furuichi Kofun Group – the Mounded Tombs of ancient Japan, many temples and shrines, and tea ceremony completed by Sennnorikyu, Knives, bicycles and scents await you here.
Please come to Sakai if you want to know more.

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Hiking courses beginners can enjoy

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*The Info here is based on Jan.2021