Hiking at Inunakisan Mountain

What's the best of hiking at Inunakisan Mountain? Also check hiking goods introduction for beginners!

Inunakisan, easy to go from Osaka, is a spot you can easily enjoy nature. There are several hiking courses and hot springs to relax.
Today, let us introduce hiking courses and hot springs of Inunakisan and goods necessary for hiking.

What is Inunakisan?

Inunakisan is a sacred area that is said was opened by Ennogyojya in 661. The hiking courses that are still used today were originaly used as Shugendō (roads for Japanese mountain asceticism incorporating Shinto and Buddhist concepts).

Inside the mountain area is Shippou Ryuji Temple of Shingon sect, Inunaki. You can experience one day buddhism training here, and many women visit Inunakisan to experience it.

This area is called "Inunaki" from the folklore that a hunting dog saved his master hunter from a large snake. This area was named Inunaki from this dog.

Hiking Courses of Inunakisan and best spots

Inunakisan is not 1 mountain, but it is the whole area of Inunaki river valley.

The courses have several goals, so you can choose your favorite from a range.
The mountain area is wide, so we recommend you to choose your goal first by looking at a map, and go hiking.

The whole area is chosen as one of the best 100 greenery of Osaka, so you can enjoy the beautiful nature at any course.

Walk through the woods, listen to the sound of water, and head for Shippouryuji Temple

If you're a hiking beginner, start your journey from the Inunakisan Bus stop.

The goal is Shippouryuji, where you can enjoy all the charms of Inunakisan. You can feel the history and nature of Inunakisan while walking to the temple when you see the seven great waterfalls of Inunaki and the tomb of the loyal dog that is the origin of the name, Inunaki.

The goal, Shippouryuji temple, waiting you deeply inside the mountain, is known as a power spot that brings you luck.

Every 3rd sunday, you can see meditation by sitting under a water fall at Gyojya no Taki near the temple. You can try the meditation yourself (reservations are required). You will arrive here by 40 min from Inunakisan bus stop. It's a short course that doesn't take an hour, so don't worry even if you're a beginner.

Go to Gohonmatsu if you want to enjoy hiking more

If you want to enjoy hiking more, how about taking the other route in front of Shippouryuji that goes toward Gohonmatsu/Takashiroyama?

The goal of this route is the Gohonmatsu sightseeing tower where you can see Kinokawa river and Kansai International Airport. While walking up the road, you can find one of the seven falls of Inunaki, Nunobiki no Taki. Outdoor lovers, try this course!

It takes apx. 1 hour 10 min from Shippouryuji, that means over 2 hours from Inunakisan bus stop - quite a journey! Prepare enough if you're going to try this course.

4 selections of Hot Springs at Inunakisan

Bathe at the wonderful hot springs of Inunakisan after enjoying hiking at Inunakisan.

Inunakisan is known for its hot springs too.
Let us introduce hot springs you can enjoy at your one‐day trip.

"Fudouguchikan" Private open air baths available to one day trip customers

Fudouguchikan is a composed hot-spring house best for adults.

Private open air baths are available to one day trip customers, so you can relax after you hiking at a private space. At night, you can enjoy the illuminated forest from the open air bath.

"Yumoto Onsensou/Yamanoyu" Hot spring of beauty

Enjoy the hot water from the spring source at Yumoto Onsensou/Yamanoyu.

The hot water is slightly white and thick. Once you bathe, your skin will become smooth and beautiful - we especially recommend to women. The beautiful building is a charm too.

"Minami-tei"Enjoy the luxurious extraordinary

Minami-tei prepares you a large hot spring bath, open air baths with beautiful scenery, waterfall showers and sauna.
You can use one day trip plans to enjoy hiking, hot springs and delicious meals.

Popular to hikers "Inunaki Onsen Center"

"Inunaki Onsen Center" is a hot spring that mainly welcomes one day trip visitors, and is popular from hikers.

You can easily use this spot after hiking. The building and large bath is full of charm - enjoy the scenery of the beautiful Japanese garden from the large bath.

What shall I prepare to go hiking to Inunakisan?

The hiking route of Inunakisan we introduced today takes about 1 hour 30 minutes to Shipporyuji Temple (round trip ) and about 4 hours 30 minutes to Gohonmatsu Observatory (round trip).

You may feel that you can easily go to Shipporyuji Temple, but the mountain road is different from the normal painted roads in town.
Also, since the temperature changes drastically deep in the mountains, you should not underestimate even if the mountain line is short.

The basic mountain climbing style is recommended so that you can adjust your body temperature by layering.
Trekking shoes are recommended for your feet to prevent falls and sprains.
In addition to drinking water, food, and sweat towels, insect repellent spray is essential in the summer.

Enjoy hiking and hot springs at mythical Inunakisan!

Mythical and wonderful power from the sacred area, Shugendo, lies in Inunakisan

How about visiting this power spot, and also enjoy hiking, temples and hot springs?

Fully enjoy the great nature and deep history at Inunakisan.