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Kyoto Access Ticket

Kyoto Access Ticket

It is ticket which is convenient for movement in Kyoto-shi from Kansai Airport, and is advantageous. There is privilege that limited express ticket of airport limited express Rapi:t can use with reduced fare.

Ticket includes
Area of coverage
Nankai Electric Railway
Kansai-Airport Station → Tengachaya Station
Osaka municipal subway
Tengachaya Station → Tenjimbashisuji-Rokuchome Station
Hankyu Railway
Tenjimbashisuji-Rokuchome Station → Kawaramachi Station others
(from Tenjimbashisuji-Rokuchome Station section of ¥400)
※We cannot use the opposite direction.
※Except Tengachaya Station that is transfer station cannot stop over.
※The effective section of the Hankyu train is section of ¥400 from Tenjimbashisuji-Rokuchome Station.

Example: When we go via transfer, subway Sakaisuji Line to Kawaramachi at Tengachaya Station from Kansai-Airport Station

Normal fare ¥1,600 → Kyoto Access Ticket ¥1,230
※Normal fare (Nankai train ¥920, subway ¥280, Hankyu train ¥400)
Selling period From April 1, 2019 to September 30, 2019
Validity period Preferred one (1) day from the day of purchase to the end of the next month
¥1,230 (Adult only)
Selling Place Nankai Kansai Airport Station Ticket Office
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