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Namba Access Rapi:t Ticket (Round Trip+Shopping Coupon)

Namba Access Rapi:t Ticket (Round Trip+Shopping Coupon)

Nankai Electric Railway Single Ticket is convenient and great value for traveling between NANKAI KANSAI-AIRPORT Station and the city of Osaka

Ticket includes
Area of coverage

Nankai Electric Railway
Kansai-Airport Station - Namba Station

Round-trip ticket

1 : Going-ticket : Kansai-Airport Station >> Namba Station
Train ticket + Limited Express Rapi:t ticket (regular seat / all seats reserved)
The return trip ticket CANNOT be exchanged at Kansai Airport station. Please exchange the ticket at Namba, Shin-Imamiya or Tengachaya station.
2 : Return-ticket : Namba Station >> Kansai-Airport Station
Train ticket + Limited Express Rapi:t ticket (regular seat / all seats reserved)
Privilege : Shopping Coupons (¥500 ✕ 3)
Limited Express Rapi:t
Upgrading Promotion
9/23 (Sun.) - 10/31 (Wed.)

The seat of Limited Express Rapi:t will be upgraded from the regular seat to the super seat.
This upgrade will be applied on first come, first served basis.

* Available seats will differ each train, depending on the reservation conditions of each train.
* This upgrade is only available for Limited Express Rapi:t bound for Namba, departing Kansai Airport after 9:00 in the morning.

¥2,120 (Adult only)
Validity period 1 : Going-ticket : A day of choice within the coupon's period of validity
2 : Return-ticket : Within 14 days of exchange for the going-ticket
Selling place * Please confirm purchasing this ticket at travel agency in each country.
The list of handling travel agency (PDF)
Exchange counter
    • Where to exchange tickets
      Going-ticket : Nankai Kansai-Airport Station Ticket Office (Special counter for exchange)
      Return-ticket : Nankai Namba Station 2F Service Center, Shin-imamiya Station and Tengachaya Station
    • Where to get the shopping coupons
      Namba PARKS 2F Information (11:00~21:00)
      Namba CITY Main Building, B1F Information (10:00~21:00)
      *1 The coupons can be used at shops of Namba CITY and Namba PARKS.
      *2 One ¥500 coupons per store can be used to purchases of over ¥5,000 including tax. They cannot be used together.
      *3 Some stores don not accept coupons
Reminder notes
  • This ticket is not unable to purchase in Japan, so please purchase it at handling travel agency before your departure to Japan.
  • This ticket is not valid for super seat for Limited Express Rapi:t.
  • In unavailable sections with this ticket, please pay cash on board the train for tickets.
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